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Sod-Lod 26-08-2014 16:04

Fabio Borini Thread

Date of birth: Mar 29, 1991 in Bentivoglio Italy
Age: 23
Nationality: Bentivoglio, Italy
Height: 1,80 m
In the team since: Jul 13, 2012
Contract until: 30.06.2017
Current club: Liverpool FC
Position: Centre Forward
Players' agents: Marco Antonio De Marchi
Market value: 7,48 Mill. £

bacon d'or 26-08-2014 16:09


belloefamoso 26-08-2014 16:19

I approve this move. he is hard working and better version when compare with boriello, gilardino. if he come loan with option for 7-8m its great bargain. I will take him with that fee instead buy destro 25m. in my opinion he is the same level with Destro.

AndreiX 26-08-2014 16:29

He's mediocre

Master Smurf 26-08-2014 16:31


Originally Posted by AndreiX (Post 2144045)
He's mediocre

Think he is actually worse than that. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel

necromancer 26-08-2014 16:45

He's a decent player for his characteristics, but that's not what we want now at all. I would pick even Torres over him.

AndreiX 26-08-2014 17:23

Gabbiadini > Borini

mato 26-08-2014 17:28

Mastour, Niang, Petagna > Borini. Probably most of other kids in our youth as well. So i dont approve.

SpartanMilan 27-08-2014 02:00

he played on the wing last year and was on a bad team, so his scoring numbers reflect that.

a loan with an option would be nice

Rojonegro 27-08-2014 05:30

No this guy, he reminds me to boriello and not in a good way.

joyrider 27-08-2014 07:53

Very nocerino

Shadow47 27-08-2014 12:08

sweet. osvaldo of merda versus borini of milan. will be the lamest duel in milan derby history

elmilanes 27-08-2014 14:43

i prefer chicharito to any fodder wev'e been linked with hahaha

bacon d'or 28-06-2017 13:58

still a fodder

tavano9 28-06-2017 14:50

Not sure what I make of this signing , could be decent coming on as late sub and to cover Silva and bacca or what other st we mite sign at 5 or 6 mill could be okay signing my hopes aren't high on this transfer tho

Mario 28-06-2017 18:18

He's not even gonna be a 5th choice in attack... Who cares

Jasper 28-06-2017 18:25

half the player Matri was

VooDooDoll 28-06-2017 18:34


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 2684304)
half the player Matri was

Someone remember matri wage?

Jasper 28-06-2017 18:52


Originally Posted by VooDooDoll (Post 2684312)
Someone remember matri wage?

2.7 mil :proud:

VooDooDoll 28-06-2017 19:10


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 2684334)
2.7 mil :proud:


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