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MilanReality 18-02-2012 00:12


Originally Posted by fredrik9 (Post 1241946)
The internet has too much information.

ie: zlatan fangirl blogs?

ww 18-02-2012 00:22

Watching the way fredrik defends Ibra, this book could even be put together with the Koran in the stores. Maybe even include it as a Koran's next chapter.

"...and thy sheet will be changed by a big nose, men hands you will now hold close to your heart but the egocentrism, that you will keep".

fredrik9 18-02-2012 00:25


Originally Posted by Capitão Lugano (Post 1241966)
Watching the way fredrik defends Ibra, this book could even be put together with the Koran in the stores.

You mean to help sales of the Koran?

They shouldn't get on some free Ibra bandwagon.
They should do their own marketing.

ww 18-02-2012 00:36


Originally Posted by fredrik9 (Post 1241970)
You mean to help sales of the Koran?

They shouldn't get on some free Ibra bandwagon.
They should do their own marketing.

They're not very good on it.

jammin 18-02-2012 02:28

sod-lod, pls pls pls stay. there are lots of pol here who respect you and look forward to your posts.

sure there are lots of idiots and egoistical assholes here who love to poke fun at religion every chance they get, but just laugh and shake your head at their ignorance and believe that you will be right in the end (even tho you and my beliefs may differ)

if, god forbid, you choose to leave, I respect ur decision and hope u have a good time and stay strong bro.

same goes for u acmking. pls don't go. :(

and contributing to the lube discussion, my hand feels like sandpaper so I'm forced to lube up. :lol:

seveners 18-02-2012 02:35

Lube FTW, and sometimes saliva will do.

Dottore Joey 18-02-2012 02:39

What the hell happened here?!

Corzioli 18-02-2012 02:48

First time I'm seeing fred genuinely angry. :eek: Rarely happens. :(

*white flag on behalf of both sides*

For the sake of heavy metal :D, please stay Sod. Please. We can all co-exist somehow, irrespective of any differences.

Grow a really thick skin and STAY..that's the only way to survive these parts. The thick skin. :)


Dominate 18-02-2012 03:02


Im a Christian, I dont really take it to seriously what fred did

Infact, i dont really care, it dosnt bother me alot

IDK what it is but Muslims seem ALOT more uptight and defensive about their faith

I think this is why there are so many problems in the middle east (terrorism, extremism etc)

They let religion rule, which, throughout history has been proven to only cause pain

luke07 18-02-2012 03:07

if milan somehow lost to cesena

then every people who bitch around this thread deserves a ban :o

PS : nice drama guys, gays, ladies, lesbians :D

Marcus 18-02-2012 05:05

Can't believe what I'm reading. :lol:

Az. 18-02-2012 06:31

After reading the last few pages in this thread:

p.s: wtf i just noticed my Maldini sig is missing,wtf?Which one of you cunts stole it?

Jasper 18-02-2012 06:58

I just hit last page. Skipped 12 pages. Feel kinda great.

necromancer 18-02-2012 07:31

Gah, felt mildly excited when 12+ pages of drama promised itself. Turned out to be the most boring ever.

And no one got banned in the end, wtf? Not even MilanReality? That's like a Southpark early season episode without Kenny getting killed. Ridiculous. (To be fair, he did try with his West vs East angle. Unfortunately, no one trolled effectively on that. Still disappointed in you, Ashish)...


Originally Posted by MilanMB (Post 1241905)
You can definitely go. I've even asked you to do so before.


Ashish 18-02-2012 07:39

I know :D

it was a friday evening ...acmilanking fucking off is just excellent :thumbsup: dont comebcak apparently david dont like holy books which doesnt add hits to his site

Goodfella 18-02-2012 08:35

Religious people:lol:

jammin 18-02-2012 09:02


Originally Posted by Goodfella (Post 1242195)
Religious people:lol:

Ignorance. :lol:

Goodfella 18-02-2012 09:39


Originally Posted by jammin (Post 1242203)
Ignorance. :lol:

I agree. Following a religion and not even questioning their beliefs like they've made the decision as adults.:lol:

On the real though, I don't mind people who refer to themselves as Christians/Muslims etc, who are aware of and don't deny the possibility of it all being bullshit. The ones like Sod-Lod who most likely were devout Christians before they even learned to read and don't leave any space whatsoever for their religion maybe being false, brainwash their children to follow their step and even demand others not to say or do stuff that are forbidden according to their religion; are fucked in the head if you ask me and no I can't respect your beliefs because you're deluded and it's not healthy for any society to be dominated by people like you.

ww 18-02-2012 09:57

Ultra Swan 18-02-2012 10:05

Let sleeping dogs lie.

... Move on.

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