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Mr Delicious 15-07-2016 19:55

Ok MB, point taken.. Very attractive woman though

AC_Wesley 15-07-2016 20:14

Banning wont ensure people see the light. Its a helpful tool but it doesnt improve anything. Lets learn from this as a community and just carry on. Thread will be reopened soon and we will carry on with the next topic.

Grazie ragazzi

And Delicious, take it easy on Necro. He does what he think is best. Chill mate. Download pokemon go :D. Be careful though. Dont wanna end up on the wrong street :devilcon: Lord knows you are up next for discussion in the world news thread :lol:

Am feeling very tolerant today.

LemonCookies 15-07-2016 20:23

Why do I have a feeling I'm still getting banned for no reason? 3:

Curupira 15-07-2016 21:09


Originally Posted by Mr Delicious (Post 2523685)
Ridiculous. One mod destroying this whole forum.


Originally Posted by Mr Delicious (Post 2523687)
Waiting for the eventual purge of this forum of half its inhabitants by Necro. Reason: I was bored and because i can.


Originally Posted by Mr Delicious (Post 2523700)
He is a dictator who loves trolling more than doing his job. Chances of the WNT opening are 0%. Itd be one thing if wes or sven did it

Why so mad man? At least you got your post in.

I was actually in middle of a post when Necro locked that thread and I followed the thread.

And I disagree with necro, he's never banned me...:proud::proud::proud:

KujaIX 15-07-2016 21:53


Without the World News Thread where can I discuss the Turkey coup?

Mr Delicious 15-07-2016 22:02

BRUH, i feel you

leaf 15-07-2016 22:34

OMGZZ Turkey :eek:

Periscope Twitter link
Check out @BadIdeasVs's Tweet:

AC_Wesley 15-07-2016 22:39

World news thread reopened.

leaf 17-07-2016 03:57

Please reinstate Lemon Cookies
He was a thoroughly unique character. He wasn't a vicious poster...just conceited beyond comprehension. I drucurl, who never liked his dumb ass, am begging for him.

Please reconsider.

necromancer 17-07-2016 07:14

You can't see why lemon is banned because lemon's posts were deleted.

Burlesqoni 17-07-2016 07:29

joyrider 17-07-2016 08:29


Originally Posted by leaf (Post 2524474)
Please reinstate Lemon Cookies
He was a thoroughly unique character.

and his quality level of philosophy is uncreatable by others

Burlesqoni 17-07-2016 09:21

You shouldn't make fun of banned people, J.

joyrider 17-07-2016 09:31

Not making fun of him.

I didn't agree with his opinions but he created a space discussions and challenged others in his own way.

Although I didn't see any of the deleted maybe I'm biased.

Burlesqoni 17-07-2016 09:39

Space discussions?

joyrider 17-07-2016 13:06

Universal discussion

Burlesqoni 17-07-2016 13:20


Originally Posted by joyrider (Post 2524584)
Universal discussion

So talking about nothing basically?

Legio IV GrintaBoyz 22-07-2016 12:51

This site needs a revamp ASAP. Also it needs to be more mobile-friendly. Admins should get with the times now or the site will fall behind, especially if we consider that many new fans might want to join if the sale goes through and the club returns to the spotlight.

Burlesqoni 22-07-2016 13:47

I like it the way it is now.

Legio IV GrintaBoyz 23-07-2016 00:47


Originally Posted by Burlesqoni (Post 2526744)
I like it the way it is now.

It looks like something out of 2007.

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