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Congo Powers 15-08-2020 18:30

Fusiproe12 15-08-2020 19:14

legend :proud:

Noyon9s 02-09-2020 10:44

is he gone yet? need to know when i should drink to celebrate

VooDooDoll 02-09-2020 11:18

out of contract with acm
was about to return to s.america but then torino contacted with him and he may play there

Mr. Milanista 04-09-2020 10:39

Move this disgusting thread

Vms 14-09-2020 09:08

Signed for a Turkish club

Noyon9s 14-09-2020 09:31

:beer: despised this guy ever since the 'Forza Lazio' incident. Even before that I couldn't stand looking at him

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