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profpk 01-07-2014 23:17

2-1 freedom strikes back

leaf 01-07-2014 23:17


Vecchio Ultra 01-07-2014 23:17

See what I mean? It's not fucking over FFS

Redman10 01-07-2014 23:17

Game on

CapitanoMaldini 01-07-2014 23:18

Classy goal wow

AC_Wesley 01-07-2014 23:18


Originally Posted by Vecchio Ultra (Post 2101769)
It's not over yet, since Istanbul it's not over until it's 4-0


Qaas 01-07-2014 23:18


Originally Posted by AndreiX (Post 2101765)
People on this forum have been saying that Lukaku is a mindless chicken and that he is mentally inferior to Balotelli, but so far his movement is amazing compared to Balo's, he knows how to fill the lanes and he knows how to exploit all gaps the defence leaves for him

He is very inconsistent and overrated, doesn't that he is not a quality player though. But replacing balo for lukaku will imo be a step down.
He was soo shit against algeria and was since benched by this origi guy

Vecchio Ultra 01-07-2014 23:18

Stupid cunt courtois, stopping Milan goals yeah but one fucking american that shows up in five hours, that you can't stop huh fucking cunt?

CapitanoMaldini 01-07-2014 23:19

So close lol

Vecchio Ultra 01-07-2014 23:19


Originally Posted by CapitanoMaldini (Post 2101785)
So close lol

YOu won't believe how close my header went from my screen there

Jasper 01-07-2014 23:20


Originally Posted by Vecchio Ultra (Post 2101779)
See what I mean? It's not fucking over FFS

Vecchio Ultra 01-07-2014 23:20

10 minutes of fucking heart medicine CATTENACIO you fucks

CapitanoMaldini 01-07-2014 23:21

Hahahhaha what a finish

profpk 01-07-2014 23:21


leaf 01-07-2014 23:21

OMG Lukaku
GTFO anyone that says he's overrated...he's how old?
Right :o

Vecchio Ultra 01-07-2014 23:21

Lukaku you CUNT

joyrider 01-07-2014 23:22


Originally Posted by Jasper (Post 2101766)

called it too soon

Vecchio Ultra 01-07-2014 23:22

WTF he takes off our best penalty kicker

CapitanoMaldini 01-07-2014 23:22

Guys Lukaku looked horrible in their first 3 matches...

CapitanoMaldini 01-07-2014 23:23

Announcer said Lukaka lol

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