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Allan_Sombrero 03-10-2015 23:12


Originally Posted by ikita (Post 2395227)
I cri.

idk what that means? does that mean i need to be a better person?

that ship sailed.


He means you need those tits in your sig as your avatar. :lol:

Rickaka 03-10-2015 23:13

Sage, joyrider and MB for mod.

I pray to the ghost of Sod Lod and the Bibbopostels that this new era will be succesfull. You have my blessings General.

ikita 03-10-2015 23:17


Originally Posted by Wild (Post 2395228)
no no , lol , I meant your avatar thingy.

oh...and here i went editing my profile for the first time since i joined. the color of the eye always matches the sig. But my avatars will always be an eye.

I have my reasons.

ikita 03-10-2015 23:18


Originally Posted by Allan_Somewhere (Post 2395229)
He means you need those tits in your sig as your avatar. :lol:

cant put tits everywhere. because tit'll be too amazing.


Wild 03-10-2015 23:32

Didn't mean it should be tits , just something as fun as the sig.

Massaro94 03-10-2015 23:43


Originally Posted by ikita (Post 2395214)
I could appreciate the forum becoming more entrenched in loving Milan, than hating it, no matter who is in charge and what they do. Negative attitudes are depressing; members who wait for milan to fail, and then come on here and gloat about how they "were right" and basically defecate on milan just to get an ego boost and massage their e-penis is setting a standard that is deplorable and unacceptable. This is not the behaviour that we should take forward with us. We've seen wild (no pun intended) examples of this during the summer and nothing was done.


Allan_Sombrero 03-10-2015 23:59


Originally Posted by ikita (Post 2395235)
cant put tits everywhere. because tit'll be too amazing.


You're right.

Some people don't know how to handle so many tits. :o

General 04-10-2015 00:05

Sod Lod's account PM'd me today

General 04-10-2015 00:10

There will be an execution tonight.

ikita 04-10-2015 00:23


Originally Posted by General (Post 2395252)
There will be an execution tonight.

hanging or guillotine?

personally i loved the touch gerard butler's character in Law Abiding Citizen had. working with your hands in such a manner makes the relationship evolve into something so much more. you get to the "heart" of the matter and it means so much more to you when you do it in that manner, assuming you can "stomach" that procedure.


i'ma stop now.

Dirk Diggler 04-10-2015 00:23

Behind the curtain, I have been vindicated, but will still face the axe.

Toodles, gents.

Soldier_of_god 04-10-2015 04:49

Using the second account to praise himself. Lmao. Poor lemoncookies.

joyrider 04-10-2015 08:50

lol LC why need 2nd acount

Soldier_of_god 04-10-2015 15:03

I kind of liked him. He has a rough exterior but deep down he is a very nice guy.

Burlesqoni 04-10-2015 17:13

But is he buff enough?

Soldier_of_god 04-10-2015 17:18

Nha his blood pressure is too high.

Burlesqoni 04-10-2015 17:25

Gots to juice more. Need buff bots to manhandle the twirks.

Soldier_of_god 04-10-2015 19:27

Seems like you miss him.

Burlesqoni 04-10-2015 20:38

But you said he's not?

ikita 04-10-2015 20:53

General look at this


Originally Posted by Fusiproe12 (Post 2395648)
Also because we've spent 90M for this interista cunt

This member is referring to our current coach. The current coach of AC Milan. It would be in the interesting of the new era of this forum, that such posts warrant swift justice. Do you know what the second rule for this forum is, as posted in the Forum Rules thread?


Offensive Language
Do not use it by any means! You could make your point without the extensive use of insulting words.
Under command of David this has all but gone down the drain. Which is why I have said since the ending of the summer that this forum is just wallowing in its filth and nothing is being down about it. I personally do not mind explicit language but this is just disrespect to our coach. Things like this calls for an increase in moderation of the threads. Going forward i think it is something you need to consider carefully.

Are you going to be an improvement to the forum? Or are you going to be another David?

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