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BrasilianMilan 17-01-2011 14:18

Anyone gotta Dreamcast? :D

Corzioli 19-01-2011 09:58

Anyone tried Gameloft's Vampire Romance for the Java platform on mobiles? I've been playing it on my 5230 all's pretty neat..only thing is the plot reads like some prom queen diary or something. For a java title the gameplay's totally awesome though, typical of are the lame game titles too. :)

samir10 19-01-2011 17:54

i'm back playing call of duty 2, it's been a while since last time i played it. of course i mean multiplayer online with my buddies. it's old game but evergreen :star:
btw cod4 is my best game ever on pc, mp. ppl from europe (due to latency) feel free to add me on xfire: zaronja

TavMania 19-01-2011 18:47

add me on xbox 360 gamertag inbcwetrust- currently playing lots of nba 2k11 + fifa 11 + nhl 10 and psp games like gta vice city stories

Corzioli 19-01-2011 19:08


Originally Posted by samir10 (Post 898469)
it's an old game but evergreen :star:

The exact point I's trying to make about JB007: Nightfire yesternight..still actively discussed on web boards globally since '02..has to be on my best three FPS games list.

seveners 24-01-2011 15:12

I'm playing Mafia II atm. Great depth story!

ezekiel2517 01-02-2011 08:09


Originally Posted by seveners (Post 903594)
I'm playing Mafia II atm. Great depth story!

I didn't like it so much. It is a 30 dollars game, not a 60 one :head:

Dead Space 2 is a lot of fun. First one was scarier and might be better, but I can't say anything bad about the second.

seveners 01-02-2011 08:21


Originally Posted by ezekiel2517 (Post 912501)
I didn't like it so much. It is a 30 dollars game, not a 60 one :head:

Dead Space 2 is a lot of fun. First one was scarier and might be better, but I can't say anything bad about the second.

Dead Space 2? Never hdard about it. What genre?

I finished with Mafia II. Right i'm gonna buy FIFA 2011. Anyone play it atm?

ezekiel2517 01-02-2011 08:58

Horror/action 3rd person shooter. Very well done, at that.

zlatan 04-02-2011 22:22

only game i play is fifa 11

Corzioli 05-02-2011 18:21

Kujkujkujkujkujkujkujkujkujkuj..hey Kuja, your moniker sounds like Kijuju :D:D:D:D..Sheva's sooo tight--wish my gurlfriend was hot like her, I do. :tongue:

KujaIX 05-02-2011 20:17

I'm no African region, you bastard. :D

I'm an extremely heterosexual Anti-Hero who wears a thong. :D Hideously well dressed character. :D

Still. FF9 is better than any Resi...

Corzioli 05-02-2011 22:29


But hell yeah Kuj rhymes with Kijuju in some semantic way :tongue:..pity Wesker defiled that area, pity..

But he's dead now with no-one to mourn him..not even Excella since he betrayed her too..ah shit, she's the REAL hottie in Resi 5..we're talking 20,000 degrees Celsius. :)

They should bring out some side Resi title where ALL the female characters do some sexy pillowfighting then bitch-fight topless in mud..only micro minis and G-strings allowed. That'll sell more volumes than all the DOA's combined. :D

On a side note DJ Campbell just scored four goals for my Blackpool v. Wolves on PES '11 detect Man U somewhere in those lines? LOOOOOOOL at Manure tonite, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :D

KujaIX 06-02-2011 14:51

FF9'd be better than that spin off. :D

And Excella was dead aswell, she grew into that huge uroboros on the boat.

Corzioli 17-02-2011 18:21

Okay. Thought I'd share a bit of my gaming story here, basically for the sole pleasure of my protégé (Kuja :D) and secondarily for all those out there who still believe we here trade banana rinds :mad::mad:.........fucking racist atavistic punks....................NAIJA'S GOT (GAMING) TALENT!!!

Started out with this Nintendo console my Mum bought sometime in 1994 came in this Street Fighter-branded box with Ken, Bison and E-Honda prominently displayed..before then me and my :star:big brother:star: were into board games..we did some D&D and Buck Rogers and even went as far as creating our very own game we aptly called 'Spur' as it was cowboy-themed..I had the honours of being the major creative force behind that drawing the LARGE map, forming the cannon fodder and bosses, scripting the plot. My bro basically was behind weighing the hit points of the xters against the damage dealt by their basic and special moves/weapons and all that. It was quite an experience you wish the STRESS of adulthood could accommodate :(..we were into comics (I still am but it's all online now..those peddlers at Bode Thomas St are long gone :cry:) and even did a bit ourselves (Silverglaze, Warriors Of The Earth, Hammer [Thor rip-off I admit :)], Captain Blaze...) but that's a story for another campfire. :D

There're still embers of our Spur(TM) on bro's getting extra courses in Software Engineering after his Electrical-Electronics Eng. degree and he's like maybe we could if ever you see a certain Spurs title on your favourite retailer's shelves remember to grab it first then check the team behind it next.......:)


We've been mild to hardcore gamers ever since the mid ' bro's HOOKED on gaming while I can exist for maybe two days at the most without some sort of gaming-induced dopamine high but it's been all sorts under the Ebenezer Scrooge nose of our killjoy dad (who even smashed my bro's GBA to smitereens one night :mad:..well now my bro has ALL SORTS of emulators and roms on his laptop so up yours dad :devilfuc:)..we've done the gaming and he's done the hating. :D

Ok, I present to you my top 24 video games of recent times. Most of them I beat COMPLETELY :cool:, the others are yet to be finished..blame it on the way of the Ivory Tower. :(
You won't see many spanking new/next gen titles..well for the last three years I've spent like 70% of the time here chasing some (cool) degree..there's a 360 and a Wii (my neighbour's) sitting at home but it's out of reach for yours the next few months there's the 3DS coming in and maybe a Slim (too many distractions??) so my true gaming'll be revived. Aigh here goes in no discernible order:

- 007 James Bond: Nightfire
- Super Mario 64 (got 115 out of 120 stars :respect:, bro swept ALL..legend. he. is.)
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- :star:Kingdom Hearts:star: (only the alternate boss in Neverland, Sephiroth and synthesizing the Ultima Keyblade ALL Trinities and 101 Dalmatians)
- Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
- Battle Realms
- MGS: Sons of Liberty
- MGS: Snake Eater
- Street Fighter EX 2+ (best xter: Ken Masters, best Meteor supercombo IMO)
- Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
- X-Men Legends
- Kingdom Hearts 2 (like 25% complete according to bro :()
- Obscure 2
- GOW 2
- GOW: Chains of Olympus (incomplete)
- Final Fantasy Mobile (has to be the BEST java game on phones for much GOODNESS packed into just over 1MB, dunno how they did that!)
- Street Fighter 4 (worst xter..Rufus..fugly jerk beefing my sprite!!!)
- FM '08 (for now thanks to my low grade video card :()
- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
- RE: Outbreak (incomplete :()
- RE: Umbrella Chronicles
- RE 5 (incomplete but will beat it on the 'upgraded' RE 5 Gold pretty soon)
- :star:Resident Evil 4:star: (short of words........jizzzzzzzzzz)

Worthy mentions: ALL the Contra's up till the PS era (beaten by me and big bro), Ninja Ryukenden (spelling?)..bro says it's the precursor of the modern Ninja Gaiden, :star:Captain Tsubasa:star:, Zen Intergalactic Ninja, LOTR: Two Towers and ROTK, POP: Two Thrones, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Deception and Shaolin Monks, Halo, almost all Gameloft java/Symbian games, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

Phew!! The lists are in no way exhaustive but well instructive :)..oh yeah that reminds me, I know y'all want proof, you just wait once I'm all geared up and ready to ball we'll do much gaming on the ether.........once I can pick the best bb solution here. Or at least videos or something..I'm out for the while........V.

KujaIX 17-02-2011 18:26

Can't say i didn't laugh at LOTR being on the worthy mentions.

Congo Powers 17-02-2011 18:34

i played..diablo 1....played diablo 2 obsessively...played starcraft....medal of honor...age of empires 2.

last game i played was civilization 4..probly last year.

if i had diablo 2 on my pc i'd play it 4 sure thoe :thumbsup:

KujaIX 17-02-2011 18:55

Ahahahaha at Age Of Empires 2. Legendary game...

hdcantona 17-02-2011 18:58

Age of Empires 2 was class :star:

KujaIX 17-02-2011 20:00

"Now build some Men-At-Arms with your new Barracks" Amazing games, preferred the conquerers expansion but still. The while AOE2 'saga' was great.

Or was it: Now attack the English with your new Men-at-arms.

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