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AC Kid 10-09-2012 02:33

Argentine Football Thread
I hate the Argentine NT, but they really have a beautiful league!

River v Boca

I think Argentine football deserves a thread! everytime i want to talk about it idk where to go!

Forza River :D

AC Kid 17-09-2012 00:14

Round 7:

Boca 2-1 Independiente

Velez vs River, about to kickoff.

Mion-Moura 17-09-2012 00:34


Originally Posted by AC Kid (Post 1497202)
Round 7:

Boca 2-1 Independiente

Velez vs River, about to kickoff.

we were linked in the past with rogelio mori no.9(i think) of river,is he any good?

AC Kid 17-09-2012 02:31

Tigre 2 2 Colón F

All Boys 0 1 Argentinos F

Godoy Cruz 1 0 San Mart√*n (SJ) F

Racing 0 1 Estudiantes F

Boca 2 1 Independiente F

Newell`s 1 0 San Lorenzo F

Arsenal 0 2 Belgrano F

Vélez Sarsfield 2 0 River f

Unión Atl. Rafaela

Quilmes Lan√ļs

AC Kid 17-09-2012 04:40


Originally Posted by mion4 (Post 1497206)
we were linked in the past with rogelio mori no.9(i think) of river,is he any good?

Yeah, I remember we were linked with him, but he's isn't anything special. I think Daniel Villalva is more exciting, he isn't a starter at River but he's talented, 20 years old.

BTW, Rogelio is seemingly wanted by Merda:

AC Kid 24-09-2012 08:17

River and Boca both lost in round 8, to Racing and Lanus respectively.

AC Kid 30-09-2012 20:48

Arsenal 0-4 River

beautiful river

AC Kid 30-09-2012 23:27

Boca v San Mart√*n, round 9.

ended 1-1.

Sven 01-10-2012 13:49

Gerardo Martino is brilliant... Never got all the credit he deserved for his work with Paraguay.

I'm not a fan of Newells, but would be happy to see them winning... Just for the hero returning home tale.

Sven 01-10-2012 14:47

In the two Colón games that I watched Lucas Mugni was really great... Very good all around game for an enganche, beyond great vision and passing.
I guess this is the kind of modern enganches that can made it in Europe nowadays.

AC Kid 02-10-2012 21:58

yeah martino is doing great, they're leading the table.

and lucas mugni is very good, he scored a great goal against tigre.

i think river got some interesting prospects like lanzini, villalva, mora tho he's no too young and maybe rogelio not sure he's that good tho!

Sven 22-10-2012 00:02

Boca x Estudiantes right now

AC Kid 22-10-2012 00:05

River :head: I was hoping they win then I could watching Boca hoping they lose but fuckkk!

Sven 22-10-2012 00:26

ROFL a cat invaded the pitch

damn is certainly behind this

Sven 28-10-2012 02:44

Velez won, but Newell's is 3 points ahead now.

And there's Superclasico tomorrow, CL time.

Sven 28-10-2012 22:11

Fantastic match. Can't believe Boca got back into the game. River was playing better and had it almost on the bag.

The silence in the stadium at the end was baffling... Never saw that in the Monumental, not even when they got relegated last year.

AC Kid 29-10-2012 00:13

Very disgusting day football wise :head:

The way Juve and United won, and Boca's comeback :(

AC Kid 18-11-2012 22:32

Velez 0-1 Boca

AC Kid 19-11-2012 22:06

Haha, Lanus just beat Belgrano 0-2 and went ahead of Velez on top of the table on goal difference with 3 games left, fantastic season for them. Their remaining 3 games are way tougher than Velez's tho so I still don't think they can win the league.

AC Kid 02-12-2012 23:52

Velez have won the league with one game to spare. They beat Union and Lanus lost away to River. It's Velez's 9th Primera División title.

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