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AndreiX 24-04-2021 18:13

The Rumour Commode XXXII: Raw Dog Era
old commode here

bribes here

new commode here ↓

Rossoneri97 24-04-2021 18:18

Lets gooo

Pingu 24-04-2021 18:28

General, time to pay up to name the Commode. Make AndreiX rich.

yungfreddy 24-04-2021 18:40

its official...

the only remaining forummembers are ALL yungfreddy victims

mustve been a big massacre:lol:

yungfreddy 24-04-2021 18:43

The April 24 Offensive Against Yungfreddy...didnt go so well

sheva 24-04-2021 19:21

^ good of yourself to identify with the Nazi side

Tantalis 24-04-2021 19:30

What an end to the last commode. On the levels of classical opera.

leaf 24-04-2021 19:31


yungfreddy 24-04-2021 19:33


Originally Posted by sheva (Post 3273117)
^ good of yourself to identify with the Nazi side

yes as an arab with some french blood i complete identify myself with the germanic aryan nazi ideology of a white supreme race..u are correct
im partly moroccan breh ..we are on good terms with the members of the jewish faith if u know the history...(moroccans are 2nd biggest ethnic group in israel after russians aswell)
yungfreddy does not promote racial supremacy..only cultural and racial bonding..

Fusiproe12 24-04-2021 19:34

Imma watch OL vs Lille, tomorrow

Supporting our next wall, Mike
I don't even watch calshio highlights

yungfreddy 24-04-2021 19:37


Originally Posted by Fusiproe12 (Post 3273121)
Imma watch OL vs Lille, tomorrow

Supporting our next wall, Mike
I don't even watch calshio highlights

bro wtf happened here:lol:?

beegees 24-04-2021 19:41

can we stop attacking yungfreddy, vulture... and back focusing on #PioliOut please



Fusiproe12 24-04-2021 19:45


Originally Posted by yungfreddy (Post 3273122)

There was also an italian comedian during that battle

Ronin 24-04-2021 19:54

YF talking about himself in 3rd person

Pingu 24-04-2021 20:22

The greatest battle in the history of mankind is when a bunch of my flightless cousins, the emu, fended off soldiers and machineguns to keep their land.

yungfreddy 24-04-2021 20:27

congo is the biggest giggolo of this forum...what a complete pussy and beta male..if i see him il fk him up

general ..a 50 year old man bought him ..... A BATHROBE
prolly some lingerie aswell
that is so disturbing on so many levels

i bet he also paid him second sum where he had to videotape wearing that bathrobe and taking it off

yungfreddy 24-04-2021 20:30

wel have to send u to Milan10IQ...he will make u a real man..

Ronin 24-04-2021 20:33

ok, now this is getting close to mental illness territory

Pingu 24-04-2021 20:33

You okay yf? Seem pretty broken talking to yourself here. D:

Il grande Milan 24-04-2021 20:46

Let the man talk, he is exposing the sisters

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