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    Official: Zvonimir Boban Thread

    fuckin Thuram....2 goals for France and both of them against Croatia :fp:
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    thing with Ramos is that he isn't even a that position he can't offer more than Abate, especially in the future
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    and some people want Ramos as RB..put Abate in Spanish national team and he would be even better and there also would be some decent crosses into the box
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    can't send you pm..try this / download / view
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    from World Soccer magazine others are...Pedro Leon, Claudemir from Copenhagen, Gonalons from Lyon and Rakitskiy from Shakhtar.
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    World Soccer August 2010
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    Dida Thread

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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

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    Top 10 Middle Finger Salutes

    FC Koeln's Maniche is the latest in a long line of stars to flash the 'bird' in a fit of rage.'s Patrick Reilly takes a stroll down the hall of shame... 10) Joel Griffiths (Henan Jianye Fans 2009) The journeyman Australian enraged Chinese fans when he was on loan with Beijing Guoan...
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    overrated/underrated players

    Top 10 Most Overrated Players Carlo Garganese runs down a list of 10 players who are maybe not as good as their reputation suggests… Please note that we are not saying any of the below are bad players – all but one of them are internationals - just that they are perhaps rated higher by the...
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    10 Most Hated Football Teams

    Champions League rivals Inter and Chelsea have been two of the most unpopular squads in recent seasons. Ahead of tomorrow's game at San Siro, Carlo Garganese takes a look at 10 other hated teams over the years... 10) Ramon Calderon’s Real Madrid 9) Arsenal 1986-1995 8) Italy – Always 7)...
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    Christian Abbiati Thread

    last season, before the injury was the best GK in serie a along with that guy cesar :D
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    Christian Abbiati Thread

    wtf is galliani doing? hehh
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    Christian Abbiati Thread

    wrong. aAuFlLrpmfc :D