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  1. m1lan

    The Rumour Commode XXXVI - Mission Accomplished Edition

    The Primark Inzaghi
  2. m1lan

    The Rumour Commode XXXIV: From Mandela to Mugabe

    Against Atletico, we were ripping them to shreds until Kessie got sent off.
  3. m1lan

    Samu Castillejo Thread

    Totally agree. Suso was non existent the whole time he was on. Give Samu a chance. Can't be any worse than what Suso was last night.
  4. m1lan

    Franck Kessié Thread

    [/B] This ^^^ We need someone to give Kessie a rest. He may be young but asking him to play all the time is crazy.
  5. m1lan

    Franck Kessié Thread

    This guy is going to be a real fans favourite if he continues on path he's on at the moment. He is a beast of player and seems to be everywhere on the pitch. As vidarth said that chip through to Silva at the end was brilliant technique and vision. Quickly becoming my favourite player of this new...