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  1. jon

    Samu Castillejo Thread

    incredible signing. great engine and hunger
  2. jon

    Alessio Romagnoli Thread

    you’ll soon see
  3. jon

    Alessio Romagnoli Thread

    add the Zaniolo goal to his growing list of costly mistakes
  4. jon

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    tidy finish... great run
  5. jon

    Official: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva Thread

    I've always wanted him to do well, donno why he gets so much hate..
  6. jon

    Battlefield 4 Thread

    anyone else have it? thoughts? if you're on xbox PM me we can play
  7. jon

    Dating / Relationship Help Thread

    Didn't see one similar to this, so here it goes. A thread for Milanisti to give each other advice regarding dating, relationships, etc. Rules of the thread: No flaming, trolling, etc. Don't give bad advice intentionally. Use common sense.
  8. jon

    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    dem crosses!!!!!! :dance: