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  1. Riccardo

    Transfer Market Poll

    Just wanted to see what people are feeling right now about our transfer campaign. I'm a little worried that we'll do nothing
  2. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    It's frying my brain, no-one knows for sure. But there are some great theories out there. "Goofy sold his brother Pluto into slavery in exchange for the ability to speak." What???????
  3. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    I know, what a trip!
  4. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Great research. You have gone beyond the call of duty. BUT, what the hell is Goofy??????????????????
  5. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Yeah, was way too easy. Angry photos of Dida are plentiful. Sometimes people look moody even when they're not, I used to get that all the time. As if anyone has a natural smile on their face all the time. and If they did, you'd probably think they were a freak.
  6. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Hmmmm, I'm still not buyin it! How can Pluto and Goofy both be dogs? Sounds like Walt fucked this one up big time.
  7. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Yeah, I suppose, in hindsight. it was a bit blunt. But come to think of it Dida does look pissed off most of the time.
  8. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Fair enough. I'll leave it at that.
  9. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Wow, what a reaction!!!!!! Ignorant? Arrogant? Come on folks, give me a break. Freedom of Speech and all that. My friend was saying the other day that he couldn't think of any good black goalkeepers, I said 'what about Dida?', then he said that Dida wasn't black. We then moved on to players...
  10. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Nothing, I swear! ;)
  11. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    Is Dida black? well, is he? :conf: and what about Ronaldinho and Cafu? Mickey's a mouse Donald's a duck but what the hell is Goofy? Gauranteed to be moved to another thread, but I can't think where to put such a question. If anyone thinks this is a racist question, then the world has gone...
  12. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    I'm losing faith in both these players. I'm certainly not picking on one in particular. But since we are in the Dida thread, here's my two cents. Dida I want Dida to be the best keeper in the world as he was a couple of seasons ago. But he isn't. In fact I can't help but worry about what's...
  13. Riccardo

    Dida Thread

    I know you are a huge Dida fan, but I wanted to ask how you feel about Dida at the moment. I believe Dida was at fault for the goal on Saturday night, but by no means would I slate him for one mistake, but it can't be ignored that this mistake is one of many over the past couple of years. Nor...
  14. Riccardo

    AC Milan 2-1 Livorno 2/11/07

    So can we have fans for this one as the San Siro doesn't fit the bill apparently. p.s First match thread opener.
  15. Riccardo

    How many saw it Coming?

    With this season looking to be the worst in years for our beloved Milan, just out of interest, I was looking to see how many of you had predicted this season would be this bad. I know many of you have been complaining about the lack of youth etc for yeras, but did any of you expect it to be...
  16. Riccardo

    Top Scorer 2006/2007

    Ok Sheva's gone, we are over it, I think Anyway, who will score the goals this season I'm gonna narrow it down Who will score more, Pippo or Gila? I guess I hope it's Gila as he is our future and I know we may bring in a new striker, but until that happens I wanna know who you think will be...
  17. Riccardo

    AC Milan Jersey Thread

    Ok folks, have had a quiet day today and to stop me crapping myself about tonight, I've tried to stay busy. I've created a new Milan shirt. Unusual to see white collar and adidas stripes, but thought it would be cool to see a different look. Obviously, I've added the Scudetto badge as it...
  18. Riccardo

    Zebina for Ambro switch

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zebina set for Milan swap Monday 20 February, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juventus plan to swap Jonathan Zebina with Milan’s Massimo Ambrosini...
  19. Riccardo

    Mentality of Inter Fans

    Useless thread, but was interested to know how this picture made you feel. This guy hates Milan, but why does he have so much Milan stuff around his room. The word 'cock' springs to mind p.s. Look at the Sponsor on his Jersey!
  20. Riccardo

    Perfect defence or Stunning attack?

    Ok people, the pefect scenario for a world beating football team is obviously having the best team; best defence, best midfield and best attack. But as we know this cocktail is rarely seen by ANY team. What you find is that we have certain teams who are great in defence, others who are very good...