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  1. Kuzimoto

    Week 6 : Milan 1-0 Sampdoria 28/9/2013

    Let's hope for 3 points this last! Forza Milan!:cool:
  2. Kuzimoto

    Week 19 : Novara (0) vs Milan (3) - 22/01/2012

    Let's get back to the freaking top!!! screw jube and merda, we are the champions!!! forza rossoneri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:b::flame::c:
  3. Kuzimoto

    Week 17 : Atalanta B.C. (0) vs AC Milan (2) 08/01/2012

    Atalanta's supporters are considered very loyal. When Atalanta plays at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia, the supporters in the Curva Nord encourage the team with their chants during the entire match. This time they will not attend the curva as they will be visiting Doni in jail :D
  4. Kuzimoto

    Week 29 : AC Milan (1) vs Bari (1) - 13/03/2011

    Now for the Bari!!! Another win a must!!!:cool: Gattuso for a hattrick!!!!:D
  5. Kuzimoto

    Week 28: Juventus (0) vs Milan (1) - 05/03/2011

    Juventus, here we come to get you!!!:cool: A must humiliation of an Old Lady!!! Forza!!!!!!!!!:star:
  6. Kuzimoto

    UCL Round of 16 - Tottenham Hotspurs (0) vs AC Milan (0) - 2nd Leg - 09/03/2011

    Let's kill those sons of bitches at their own ground!!! C'mon Milan, you can do it!!!! Punish, punish, punish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  7. Kuzimoto

    Week 26: Chievo (1) vs Milan (2) - 20/2/2011

    Associazione Calcio Chievo Verona(more commonly called ChievoVerona or simply Chievo) is an professional Italian football club named after and based in Chievo, a suburb of 2,800 inhabitants in Verona, Veneto, and owned by Paluani, a cake company and the inspiration for their original name...
  8. Kuzimoto

    Week 23: Milan (0) vs Lazio (0) - 01/02/2011

    Last time we played catania we drew, then tonight we won. Same with lazio - last time was 1-1 see the pattern?:D Good luck, rossoneri!!!
  9. Kuzimoto

    Week 22: Catania (0) vs Milan (2) - 29/1/2011

    Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!!!Here we go!!! Please another win!!!! Milan per sempre!!!!!!:cool:
  10. Kuzimoto

    Week 21: Milan (2) vs Cesena (0) - 23/1/2011

    Let's hope our team will not be so freaking impotent like the last game, otherwise....bye bye scudetto.:o
  11. Kuzimoto

    Week 16: Bologna (0) - AC Milan (3) 12/12/2010 11:30 GMT

    We are firmly at the top, our rivals are slowly surrendering and it feels so Christmass!!!!!! Let's aim for another win!!!!:cool:
  12. Kuzimoto

    Week 15: AC Milan (3) - Brescia (0) - 4/12/2010

    Let's hope for a win this time!!! No rest for the wicked!!!
  13. Kuzimoto

    Week 14: Sampdoria (1) - AC Milan (1) - 27/11/2010

    I hope samp will be without Cassano. we don't need him and he doesn't want to participate in samp loss:D forza Milan!!!:star:
  14. Kuzimoto is very dangerous!!!

    Guys, watch out for - it's spreading viruses and killing off your comp. I had mine screwed at home, as well as one at the job. It's a "sys" file, with some Security Tool program - once you got it, you need to call your comp guy. hope it helps.
  15. Kuzimoto

    Week 13 : AC Milan (1) - Fiorentina (0) : 20/11/2010

    I can feel it, i really can smell it.......the smell of victory and the burning Fiorentina!!! Gila, watch your back!!! Ivan the terrible is coming!!! :D
  16. Kuzimoto

    Week 8: Napoli (1) - AC Milan (2) - 25/10/2010

    That's a tough one, but i'm sure we will handle it well and with great honor! coming straight after the real merda game....tricky! Forza Milan!!!!
  17. Kuzimoto

    Week 6: Parma (0) - AC Milan (1) 02/10/2010

    Let's pray so we continue this form and win this one with more confidence....i'd say 3-0?:cool: Forza Milan!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Kuzimoto

    Week 3: AC Milan (1) - Catania (1) 18/9/2010

    Let's kick some Catania ass!!!!:uzikill::rocketki::flame::rocketwh::skull::gun::devilfir::flame: C'mon, cheer up, guys!!! 50 millions euro is not a joke!!!:D
  19. Kuzimoto

    Milan poems thread.

    Write your own poem or find the poems of Milan or of it's players. :):cool:
  20. Kuzimoto

    Week 33: AC Milan (2) vs Catania (2) - 11/04/2010

    We are goin' to win this one too!!!!!:cool::D