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  1. mtfco

    EID Mubarak!

    Eid Mubarak to everybody who celebrates it. Kulla 'am wa antum bi khoir. as usual, i made an eid card enjoy... ps: i was busy making a site for the mosque so the eid card is just on time (at least for me :) )
  2. mtfco

    if u could have a super power

    well, i dont know if this topic existed... anyway, if u could have a super power, what would it be?
  3. mtfco

    Eid Mubarak

    salam, Eid Mubarak to brothers and sisters in the forum who celebrate... I made an eid card for u guys :)
  4. mtfco

    any news about milan summer trip?

    hi guys, just wanna know, does anybody here know if milan are planning to go on the USA summer trip again this summer?
  5. mtfco

    eid mubarak

    salam, eid mubarak to all brothers and sisters here... i made a eid flash card special for u all at: taqabbal Allahu minnaa wa minkum, minal 'aidhin wal faidzin kulla 'am wa antum bi khoir wassalam
  6. mtfco

    art gallery

    that's the one from CL last season i tried my best, if they dont look a like im sorry for that... this one i drew using a tablet pc (acer travelmate) and adobe photoshop, and i started from scratches... this thread might be the best thread to resolve the signature thing...
  7. mtfco

    CS stuff

    hi all, i was wondering how many of u guys now about CS stuff (Computer Science), it can be any programming language, any algorithm, any database knowledge, any encryption knowledge, any hardware (computer engineering) knowledge or it can even be any math knowledge that has connection with the...
  8. mtfco

    whatever happened to serie-A...

    i dunno if there was a topic like this one, but it is a big concern for italian league. the small clubs r planning to block the opening and it's even backed by the jealous Sensi (as roma).. eventhough the deal was reached but the delay (it was supposed to be started at early sept) told us...