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  1. Kingmilan

    Andrej Modic Thread

    Modic defenetly deserves to be with us next year. i Feel like cristante became more expandable this summer because of the rise of Modic. After Mastour , he would probably be our next best talent coming up .
  2. Kingmilan

    Top 3 Discussion Thread

    1. El shaarawy 2. Mattia de sciglio 3. Montolivo/Mario balotelli(even if it was only for a half of season) .
  3. Kingmilan

    Christian Abbiati Thread

    Great signing. With ambro and yepes on the outs we needed to keep Abs .
  4. Kingmilan

    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    Yeah i mean in my books ignazio is a solid wingback . Yes he hasent been as good this year(because of the lack of fitness in the 2nd half of the season) but he is still a solid player . I am sure he will bounce back next year , he is still young .
  5. Kingmilan

    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    Abate isint the best Rb in the world but he has to ranked in the top 10 best rbs in the world .I really think most(non milan fans) underestimate him . He is a solid defender with blistering speed and can push forward nicely . Also he plays a very physical game . His only problem is the fact he...
  6. Kingmilan

    Official: Antonio Donnarumma Thread

    He actually played albi in the 0-0 1rst game and was pretty impressive . He kept his team in it .
  7. Kingmilan

    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    Great game from abate . With abate and oddo on the right we have good depth there . The only negative of his game and antonini's was the fact that they were in no mans land on tottenham's goal .