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  1. mellybee


    The Beatles were one solid all bands should be. At first I thought Yoko was the main reason the Beatles split but after further learning John, Ringo, George & Paul were already on the verge of splitting up anyway so she's not entirely at fault.
  2. mellybee

    All About Movies

    The Matrix. Just finished re-watching the trilogy and it's scary how it rings even truer now than it did then. This is going to be epic.
  3. mellybee

    Videogames Thread

    Night City is absolutely incredible from a design point of view. Playing Cyberpunk you hit these areas of extreme polish.. then you'll hit areas that are like playing a 10 year old game...Making predictions on you just earn money.
  4. mellybee

    All About Music

    Everyone else: I listen to this to relax. Me: I listen as I work to create a sense of doom as a reminder of what will happen if I fail my report.
  5. mellybee

    What book are you reading now? (books)

    Recently watched the series Foundation and decided to read a series of books. I am very disappointed because there are a lot of interesting things missing in the show. I think Isaac Asimov is an amazing writer.