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    Valencia did it !

    this morning i wake up and check the . The 1st thing i saw is : Leicester City _ Man U 1_4 :mad: Then Reggina _ Juventus 0-2 :o My day can't start worse :head: :conf: But then Udinese _Inter Milan : 0-0 ;) And what helps my day is at the bottom : Valencia_ Real Madrid...
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    Happy b'day to our captain !

    :angel:Buon Compleanno to our beloved capitano! :angel: :star: :proud: Thank God we have you in Milan !! You deserve all the best things in life !! :proud: :star: :dance: Forza Milan ! Forza il capitano ! :dance: :proud: :star: :proud: :star: I don care who the Golden Ball prize will...