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    Champions League Group Stage: Dinamo Zagreb vs AC Milan 25/10/2022 21:00 CET

    If you don't care about language acestream://722f34a71cedbeb96bda429dc0f4d0e015995ea4 (8000kbps, 1080p, 50fps) acestream://01bbc24f36abaf8ed8ef5acddafe8596416403e8 (3000kbps) acestream://abf4094f283874fbd6e06abb7f168551ad92d378 (8000kbps)
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    Empoli - Milan 01/10/2022 20:45 CET

    We could be funny with Handanovic cause every shot on goal = goal. But we are starting without Mike today...
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    AC Milan - Inter Milan 03/09/2022 18:00 CET

    We've done it! Forza brothers! I'm in love, beautiful performance. A lot of moments, passion on the pitch, true spirit.
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    Atalanta - AC Milan 21/08/2022, 20:45 CET

    Please, "Rebic god mode" And Diaz, don't be a kitty
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    The Rumour Commode XXXV: Champions Edition

    Good luck for us with the new commode!