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    Alessio Romagnoli Thread

    fuck off chelsea. Fuck no!
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    Dida Thread

    uh... dida has been very consistent lately... consistently BAD:star: does any1 know how long does dida have left on his contract?
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    Gallas!! i think he's just the man we need in our defense right now! hoping to hear more exciting stories :P
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    Dida Thread

    LOL bonera chose to stay out of this... :D i hope we get rid of dida following this incident... he had been under-performing for about 3 years now... no way he could get his form bak
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    David Villa

    Milan Testing Waters Ahead Of David Villa Move After losing out to Inter Milan in the race for David Suazo, AC Milan are set to launch a bid for Valencia's star striker David Villa...
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    Fiorentina vs AC Milan (12/16/2006)

    anybody think we could repeat 6-0 victory 2 or 3 yr ago? :D:D:D
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    Sven-Goran Erikson

    Hello, everybody is expecting to get ancelotti kicked out Who do you think would replace ancelotti? [size=-1]Sven-Goran Erikson???? :Psince he is gonna quit coaching England after world cup... do any of you guys like him? Edited: how can i delete this thread???, there is already a topic...