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  1. Inzaghi9

    Il viaggio al Milan...

    Voglio andare al Milan in settembre o ottobre e cerco qualche informazioni per allogiamento e tutte info di Milano...Potete aiutare?
  2. Inzaghi9

    Viaggare nel Milano

    Ciao milanisti, voglio andare al Milano per la partita con Siena al 1 ottobre e spero che qualcuno qui puoi rispostare le mie domande, 1 e possibile di trovare(e comprare) biglietti nel giorno della partita? 2 voglio viaggare con la macchina,e voglio sapere quanto ci sono i posti per...
  3. Inzaghi9

    Swedish singer

    When I saw this video by swedish singer Gunther,I nearly die with laugh....It's just horrible:D :D :D that face and lyrics:D :D :D I don't know whether he means this seriously,but:D :D :D check it out:
  4. Inzaghi9

    Dida Thread

    I just read that Dida has been a captain against Ascoli since Ambro went off,what a honor! :star:
  5. Inzaghi9

    Dida Thread

    no I think he's performing some kind of self-realisation...
  6. Inzaghi9

    Digao Thread

    Does anyone know what happened with Kaka's younger brother?He was in our youth team last season,but where does he play this season?In FifaTCM2006(football manager-PC game) I found that he's on the loan in Rimini and plays for Reserves...Does anybody know?
  7. Inzaghi9

    Paolo Maldini Thread

    who knows,he may grow up and be as hot as his father is :cool:
  8. Inzaghi9

    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Yeah,happy birthday Daniel... Does anyone know how old is he?
  9. Inzaghi9

    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Paolo's youngest son...
  10. Inzaghi9

    Dida Thread

    tanti auguri,wish you all the best+many clean sheets
  11. Inzaghi9

    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Paolo-the king of the Milano!!!
  12. Inzaghi9

    Kompany or Felipe?

    Both of them are young (Kompany-19,Felipe-21),talented,playing in 1st squad,central defenders and both of them can join Milan...Who would you like to see in Milan?
  13. Inzaghi9

    a little help about"additional inf"

    well I just wanna know how to insert"favourite players" to my profile...because I don't know where to fill it in...