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  1. truant

    Paolo Maldini Thread

    I have to agree. Although I hate how PSG and Man City are able to get away with everything and buy anything they want, you gotta admit their owners are committed to making the clubs successful. Imagine our Paolo with those kind resources at Milan. :( It seems like a number of American owners...
  2. truant

    Paolo Maldini Thread

    One of the darkest days as a Milan fan. Milan and Paolo Maldini are unseparable. Even this calamity does not change that. I will always support AC Milan the club and the players, but the current cunt of an owner can go suck a fat dick. I am counting the days until both he and his fucking...
  3. truant

    Official: Rafael Leão Thread

    I am so happy to be wrong. After all those who left. Leao stays :proud::love:
  4. truant

    Top 3 Rossoneri [Milan 0-2 Inter] CL Semi 1st leg - VOTING ONLY

    Tonali Maignan Saelemaekers
  5. truant

    Top 3 Rossoneri [Milan 2-0 Lazio] Serie A Round 34 - VOTING ONLY

    Theo Bennacer Saelemaekers
  6. truant

    Bologna - Milan (april 15. 2023., 15:00 CET)

    No Adli 😢
  7. truant

    Bologna - Milan (april 15. 2023., 15:00 CET)

    So close Pobega. Nice play
  8. truant

    Bologna - Milan (april 15. 2023., 15:00 CET)

    What a shot!