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    Dida Thread

    The reason this 'shit' keeps getting regurgitated over and over again is because Dida keeps making mistakes over and over again. No more mistakes, no more regurgitation. It's a simple enough formula. I mean, how many 'keepers have scored an own goal in the semi-final of the Champions League...
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    Pubs (& Restaurants) in Milan

    Flying over to Milan on Saturday for the Parma game on Sunday evening. Need to know the important things, like where are the best (cheapest) bars and restaurants - do the pubs do pub grub? I've read a few reviews and a lot of the bars seem to be pretentious places. I'll like to know from someone...
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    Ashley Cole, anyone?

    He says he doesn't fancy playing for another English club, so Italy or Spain would be the probable destination. I know we've signed Jankulovski for the left back spot, but the Czech could also play left midfield. Cole's a solid performer. ? ? LONDON (Reuters) - Troubled England defender...
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    He'll keep playing for another year at the very least.
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    Don Silvio Berlusconi

    I might be mistaken, but after checking I couldn't find any threads relating to the main man. Well, I started one! BTW, he's resigned. Italian Leader Berlusconi Resigns, Seeks to Form New Government April 20 (Bloomberg) -- Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned to try to form a...
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    Knee injury for Pirlo

    According to CNN & Eurosport, Andrea Pirlo suffered a knee injury in the Milan derby and will out for around 10 days. The club site informed of the injury but not any time scale. We've struggled this season without Pirlo so this is a worrying development. Maybe Rui can play in the deep lying...
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    Shevchenko gets away with it.

    NO UEFA INQUEST AGAINST SHEVA 4/13/2005 NYON - UEFA have announced that they will not be opening an inquest in Andriy Shevchenko's clash with Marco Materazzi during Inter-Milan. The striker will be free to play in the semi-final. A UEFA spokesman said that after the viewing of the match video...
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    The new Maldini?

    Source: Milan Tracking The 'Next Maldini' 3/27/2005 8:43:00 PM AC Milan are reportedly eyeing who many consider to be the great Paolo Maldini’s heir, Marco Motta. The Serie A champs are thinking of already siging the young Atalanta prospect this July, but might end up waiting another...
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    Scudetto Run In 2005

    Milan and the Old Sl*t from Turin are now level on points with just 9 matches remaining. Here are the remaining fixtures. Looking at them, I feel Milan should start edging away. Look at the next four games: Milan at home to Brescia, Chievo and Parma aswell as a trip to Siena whilst in the same...
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Great read! The Irish Examiner appears to be concentrating on non-Premier league football stories for a change.
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    Calling all Milan players.

    What with the internet being a 'fairly big thing' and the generous amount of free time players enjoy these days, does anyone think that any Milan players would be curious enough to find out what the actual Milan fans think by checking out these forums? Can you imagine maybe Seedorf logging in...
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Not a bit keen on Paolo retiring. Would love to see him play on into his forties.
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    I can certainly see him playing until he's forty. But lets just hope he goes out in a blaze of glory. It was a sad end to Baresi's career.