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  1. Casualista

    Week 3: AC Milan vs AS Roma 31/08/2018 20:30 CET

    We got this Bois. Forza to the max.
  2. Casualista

    Week 4: AC Milan (1) vs Napoli (2) Sunday 22/9 20:45 CET

    Win or gtfo. :o
  3. Casualista

    CL Group Stage Round 4: AC Milan (1) vs Malaga CF (1) - 06/11/12

    Time to try and secure qualification. Forza Milan. Forza Anderlecht.
  4. Casualista

    rip steve jobs

    RIP steve jobs... visionary and king of false demand. :cry::cry: I pulled up this speech from youtube. Quite nice. :) Hd_ptbiPoXM Interesting tho since he said that he was cured of pancreatic cancer in this speech and hopes to live for another few decades. Pity.