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  1. vB9

    Ramadan 2018 Mubarak

    Anda paratha in 20mins
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    4th June 2016 - A Sport Dies

    Mohd Ali is no more.
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    Smokin' Joe Frazier has cancer

    Just learned of this extremely sad news and my deepest sympathies are with him. I am partial to Ali but it has to be said the way Ali treated Frazier was uncool. All Frazier did was to march up to the US President and ask him to give Ali his licence to box again. He also helped Ali financially...
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    Rest In Peace, Mr. Ballesteros : ( Fuck Tiger Woods... Seve was the business.
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    Help Needed

    Hi ppl, Long time no see you all well? Good! Cud sum1 here (sum1 who actually knows a thing or 2) tell how American will get F'ed if China decides to make Yuan stronger?
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    Real Fight

    Any1 have the pics to the Graveson and Robinho kick off? Its meant to be soooooooo funny! Sum1 help.
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    Did Milan Miss A Trick?

    I assume that we here have heard abt transfer of Kuffour to Roma? That too on a free! Downside is that he now commands 6 figure salary (wud Milan pay that?). Nesta, Kuffour, Maldini It wud have been sum sight seein them 3 play. PS Has Kuffour ever been tried at playin just in front of the...
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    Johann Vogel Thread

    Johann Vogel on a free transfer. Im all up 4 adding players to the team but I want world class... confound it man, I want Ballack.
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    Inter's Punishment

    Am not gone go into too much detail here u all seem internet savvy... u all know wot the script is. The thing that I dont understand is the final scoreline: 5-0 Milan? How? Why? The fine imposed on Inter the 4 games behind closed doors the further 3 years of probation I get too but the...
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    Help Needed

    I cant seem to find the 'Milan Goals' thread... Cud sum1 link me to it plz? Top 1.
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    Is 15M too much 4 Milan?

    If not, then don't you think Milan should have paid this for veron? The guy is a quality player make no mistake about this, just that fool AF was playing him out of his preferred position!! PS Any chance of Capello going to Man U?
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    Kaka to OT?

    I have to be honest; I'm from England, Didsbury to be precise. I go to Old Trafford time to time (don't laugh, Man U within the United Kingdom are a formidable team. In Europe they don't just become a smaller fish, the pond just gets bigger, lol. IMHO: AC Milan Real Madrid What Real are doing...
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    What’s wrong with Barcelona?

    Why buy Ronaldino when you already have Saviola. Are they not similar players? If so, which is better for that role? MHO, it's Saviola.
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    $57.35 million bid for NESTA!!!!!!!!!

    The offer is from an english club, anyone know anything about this? Please don’t let this happen
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    We should have brought Beckham!!!!!

    And vieri to put the crosses away :cry: But this is history now, so let’s forget about it. Now, what I hope for is that we get Totti and Etoo, also Makelele. I have a feeling that real will buy Patrick Vieira (once of MILAN, I might add :mad: ). I’m sure if we treat Makelele right, he has...
  16. vB9

    “WHEN WE WERE KINGS” ( late 80s, early 90s)

    Good people, I have a dream. The irony, it was once a reality. Under The Management of FABIO CAPELLO Buffon Nesta, Maldini, Cannavaro Beckham, Vieira, Ballack, Serginho Pablo Aimar Shevchenko...