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  1. Albertini

    Ricardo Rodriguez Thread

    Report: Milan get Ricardo Rodriguez I don't think there is a thread for him, never created a thread before I think. I haven't watched him much this season and ive heard some wolfsburg fans would be happy to see him...
  2. Albertini

    Edgar Davids Thread

    the milan legend that is edgar davids played a grand total of 19 league games for us and also starred at inter juve barca ajax and tottenham. he was spotted at the san siro tonight watching our win vs verona and its reported he might join seedorfs staff. not really sure what to make of this...
  3. Albertini

    Official Volleyball Thread

    I rarely stray from the ac milan related threads, however i have recently been enlightened to the fact that the volleyball euros are starting today and italy kicks off against denmark tonight at 8.45 italian time. does anyone else follow the sport? ive been really keen these last two olympics...
  4. Albertini

    Official: Luca Iotti Thread

    I've never created a thread, hope this works. Iotti looked pretty good tonight. Pacifico stole the show but according to transfermarkt, iotti is only 17 and apparently 1.87m, pretty tall. He's also played for italy at various youth levels will be interesting to see him in primavera this season.