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    Week 30: Palermo (1) vs. Milan (0) (Saturday, March 19 2011)

    Will be tough because they are a good team (in a bit of a slump) and we have no Ibra. But have faith in the team people. 3 points! Forza Milan!
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    CL Matchday 6: AC Milan (0) - Ajax (2) - 08/12/2010

    Meaningless game. :o Hopefully Capitano Strasser starts. :star: :proud: Last tim e we played them at home: aAdP_SGohto x36aai Forza Milan! :star: :devil2:
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    Week 12 : Derby della Madonnina - Inter Milan (0) vs AC Milan (1) : 14-11-2010

    Part 1 of a 2 part raping. :devilfir:
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    Joe Coleslaw Thread

    Our new winger. Discuss.
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    Official: Massimiliano Allegri Thread

    Possible next coach? His credentials are summarized in one pic: :star:
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    Filippo Galli Thread

    New coach. Good luck playa
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    AC Milan (3) - Juventus (0) - 15/05/2010 Un grande abbraccio a Leo, Dida, e Favalli!!

    A bit early but what are you gonna do about it? :D I heard the fans are planning a protest telling Berlu to sell the club.
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    Nuovo allenatore? Vota sondaggio

    Tre candidati per la panchina della prossima stagione. Su chi puntare? Allegri: Galli: Tassotti: Addio Leo. :cry:
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    Week 31: AC Milan (1) vs Lazio (1) - 28/03/2010

    ORIGINALLY POSTED: ssfhgdhj EDITED POST: Blah blah lets relegate thse nazis. Forza Milan... qnbV9XcDNmA :proud::head:
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    Official Red & Black arcade thread

    Just post links to online games you want to share. Mods, please sticky this thread. :D I'll start with a game I am ADDICTED to. So beautiful and so gay. You're welcome.
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    Week 22: AC Milan (1) vs Livorno (1) - 31/01/2010

    Let's get the bad taste of the derby out of our mouths. 3 points are a must.
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    Lorenzo De Silvestri

    I think it's gonna be announced soon that he's ours with Oddo going back to Rome. If there's already a thread on him my bad.
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    Oguchi Onyewu Thread

    Guess I have to settle for this thread. :cry: * Position: Defender * Birthdate:5/13/1982 * Birthplace:Washington D.C. , United States * Height:195 cm * Weight:91 kg
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    Thiago Silva Thread

    LINK Yeah! Second winter signing! :D :proud: EDIT: * Numero:33 * Ruolo:Difensore * Data di nascita:22/09/1984 * Luogo di nascita:Rio de Janeiro , Brasile * Altezza:183 cm * Peso:79 kg
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    Got my girlfriend to model for my car Greatest thread in internet history! :D :tongue: OT was closed (too much traffic?) Part 2 here/
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    UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football

    Created a new league: ;) Code: 78183-15153 We aren't in it but we can still do this shit!
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    Trofeo Birra Moretti 2008 (21.08.2008)

    Originally scheduled to be Napoli, JuBe, and Merda. But reports are coming in that Mourinho doesn't want to take part in the little festival so we are the replacements+Merda will be fined for making their announcement so late. It's really not that competetive. Most people watch for the...
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    Milan (0) -Arsenal (2) - (04.03.2008)

    Here's hoping we get the result that sees us through.
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    Where is madtherchot?

    He hasn't logged on since December. I'm getting a little bit worried. The bad thing about the internet is that if, god forbid, something terrible was to happen no one online would know about it. So, does anyone have contact with him outside these forums? Come back madre!
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    Arsenal (0) - Milan (0) 20.02.2008

    Seems that all our players will be fit by gametime. I am extremely confident that we will walk out winners. Forza Milan! :star: EDIT: For Bes: