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  1. nuttela

    The New Era

    This is a pleasant surprise well done team!
  2. nuttela

    Chicken Thread 2014

    So... the Nutella thread worked wonders. Haven't purchased a jar of Nutella once since the official start of 2014. I may have spooned some once or twice that may have belonged to me but that doesn't matter. What matters is that I have been able to drop my addiction and can move on with my life...
  3. nuttela

    Week 24: Cagliari (1) vs AC Milan (1) 10/02/2013

    We steal victories :cool: BaloTELLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi #3points... forza milan ---- We must win this too Parma then Barca after. We must dooo itt
  4. nuttela

    Week 23: AC Milan (2) vs Udinese (1) - 3/2/2013

    More Niang-SES-PAzziiniiih 3 points CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! COuntdown will be put here in a bit. We must win by very much Here is countdownnn it's in Milan time - UTC +1...
  5. nuttela

    Week 22: Atalanta (0) vs Milan (1) - 27/01/2013

    First thread. More Niang-Pazzini-Ses
  6. nuttela

    Nutella Count 2013

    :proud::star::proud::star::proud::star::proud:::proud::star::proud::star: I'm sure as you all have noticed, nutella is a big part of my life. Everything in and around my social circle must cater for the unique relationship that is shared between Nutella and I. It's a special love no woman, no...
  7. nuttela

    Procrastination Thread

    So, i thought id make this... im not too sure of the age demographics here but all i know is that Procrastination is one thing we all do. Unfortunately, i procrastinate at the same rate of breathing so im basically never doing work. So i thought a thread would be necessary. You can post shit...
  8. nuttela

    What position do you play?

    I guess im asking this cos im curious, but it would express a lot about the type of ideologies a person may have in the world of football/soccer. i play defence (sweeper at most times) and basically am always last man i always thought myself to be an attacker, always believed i was a striker...
  9. nuttela


    Recently a whole bunch of crap has been going down at FIFA. Qatar accused of bribery and whatnot, i think this thread can talk about the dealings and alllegations of FIFA - that is, of course, if there is no thread already made for it. it makes me :cry: to know that all this crap is going down...