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  1. KujaIX

    Week 23: AC Milan (0) vs. Sampdoria (1) - Sunday 05/02/1 - 12:30 CET

    On to the next one. Early game. We traditionally struggle with these but we seem to do well against Sampdoria recently. Comfortable win and climbing the ladder will follow. Re4aDJL3heA
  2. KujaIX

    Week 34: AC Milan (0) - FC Carpi (0) 21/04/16 20:45 CET

    vs. We drew 0-0 in the reverse fixture earlier this year, so revenge is on the menu. Hopefully a similar team, but I hope to see Locatelli get some minutes. 3 points! Climb the ladder!
  3. KujaIX

    Coppa Italia Quarter-final: AC Milan 2-1 Carpi 13/1/2016 21:00 CET

    Must win to keep the charge for the Coppa Italia. I hope to see an almost full strength team put out. One of my few match threads. Let's hope for a win. Other match threads started by me: Victory against Hannover, first appearance of Thiago Silva. Victory against Al Sadd in 2009 Victory...
  4. KujaIX


    Do any of you ever think that nothing else exists? Like you're the only meaningful thing in the world? I do. :D Discuss things here, maybe i'm the only person who thinks about stuff like this, but i doubt it. Please discuss things so i can actually gather opinions. I'll go first. Sometimes i...
  5. KujaIX

    Football Manager 2011 Thread

    I am downloading the demo now. Have any of you got it yet? Any thoughts? I will relay my thoughts and opinions on it.
  6. KujaIX

    Trapped miners in Chile

    I think you should have all heard of the news relating to this story. But i really hope that those miners are rescued from the mine. Seems so sad. Although, I do fear that some will go crazy and there will be something like Event Horizon. Add your hopes and thoughts on the matter. :)
  7. KujaIX

    Gif Thread

    This is a thread for the .Gifs So we can share and show what ones we know about. Like Cristina's collection, and the Galliani ones. We need a thread as i don't really know any gifs and i feel this'll be useful. I'm giving my Sig as one.
  8. KujaIX

    Exclusive British Isles Thread

    This is a thread for the members only located in the United Kingdom and Eire. No posts by members from 'outside' :D In here we shall discuss anything. Although stuff related to the UK is preffered. Like Raoul Moat and other cop-killing freaks adored by thousands of chavvy failures. So start...
  9. KujaIX

    AC Milan - Serie A 2010/2011 Season

    New thread. Seems like we need a thread for the upcoming season as the old 2009/2010 one is outdated now. Also. When are the fixtures released for the season? I think it is somewhere around the 23rd right? Like last year.
  10. KujaIX

    Week 36: AC Milan (1) vs Fiorentina (0) - 01/05/2010

    Well let's move onto the next one guys.
  11. KujaIX

    What age did you start supporting Milan?

    i'd like to know at what ages did you all start supporting AC Milan or your other respective teams (aston villa, aberdeen) For me i was about 10 years old, when i saw them in the 2004 CL as i remember watching Milan demolish Deportivo :D. Please don't start moaning at me about this thread, as...
  12. KujaIX

    World Player Of The Year Awards

    well the awards are being awarded. The female footballer of the year was Marta The puskas award was given to cristiano ronaldo for his goal against porto. The fifpro team of the year is: ----------cassilas alves---terry---vidic---evra ----xavi---iniesta--gerrard messi---------------c.ronaldo...
  13. KujaIX


    Full name Marcos Antônio da Silva Gonçalves Date of birth October 17, 1989 (1989-10-17) (age 19) Place of birth Prado, Bahia, Brazil Height 1.77 m (5 ft 9 in) Playing position Winger, Second Striker there's a lot of rumours linking him with us now, i hope we sign him, but can someone...
  14. KujaIX

    Marco Verratti

    it seems we've signed this young boy from pescara. some sources regard him as an amazing prospect and apparently he rejected manchester united and other superpowers to move here Milan took Verratti 28.08.2009 10.09 by Andrea Losap Big shot of AC Milan making sure the performance of the young...
  15. KujaIX


    Oggi il Milan tenterà l’ultimo assal*to a un fluidificante di fascia presen*tandosi a Montecarlo, in occasione dei sorteggi di Champions League, per in*contrare gli emissari del Siviglia con i quali discutere della cessione di Adriano che, come è noto, è entrato in rotta di collisione con...
  16. KujaIX

    Friendly : AC Milan VS Al Sadd - 04.03.09

    Friendly : Al Sadd VS AC Milan - 04.03.09 this is our next friendly i appologise if theres already a thread for this. can't wait will definitely see mattioni and thiago silva want to see this dida matt silva senderos anto flams cardaccio ambro/seedorf dinho sheva inzaghi
  17. KujaIX

    lookalike game

    in this game the person at the start posts 2 pics but doesn't name them. the pics have to be of people who look like each other for instance: and who ever guesses the names of both people wins and posts next pics
  18. KujaIX

    Friendly : Hannover 96 (2) vs AC Milan (3) - 21.01.09

    next freindly, first chance to see thiago silva on the pitch:proud:
  19. KujaIX

    best team ever

    seeing as new threads like this have been popping up everywhere i thought of a new one the best team ever mine zoff cafu baresi dessaily maldini rijkaard maradona zico best van basten pele now have a go at your own