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  1. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 24: Milan 1-0 Torino

    1. Rebic 2. Bennacer 3. Romagnoli // Sorry for the delayed thread. Please feel free to start this if I'm not around.
  2. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Coppa Italia: Milan 4-2 Torino

    1. Hakan 2. Castillejo 3. Rebic
  3. necromancer

    Federico Bernardeschi

    "Talks ongoing" between Milan and Juve for a Paqueta-Bernardeschi swap. (Various outlets) Come home, Federico! One of the best talents in Italy since the world cup winning generation. Magical left foot, can play on the right and through the center, great balance for someone of his height...
  4. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 21: Brescia 0-1 Milan

    1. Donnarumma 2. Rebic 3. Hakan
  5. necromancer

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    Oh Paqueta has been unsettled months ago by Leo I think. But I agree with brk that Leo isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. Most of his ‘machiavellian’ moves have failed, notably the Inter move.
  6. necromancer

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    His value is only going to drop, unless he accepts a loan move to Genoa or something and shines like Suso did once.
  7. necromancer

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    Leo will wait till the last 3 days before he makes his move. I still have hope that we would be able to sell him this month.
  8. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 20: Milan 3-2 Udinese

    1. Rebic 2. Castillejo 3. Theo
  9. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 19: Cagliari 0-2 Milan

    1. Zlatan 2. Castillejo 3. Leao
  10. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 15: Bologna 2-3 Milan

    1. Theo 2. Bona 3. Piatek
  11. necromancer

    Week 15: Bologna - Milan 08/12/19 20:45 CET

    Can we win twice in a row for the first time this season? Will Sinisa magic push us aside? Find out this Sunday.. join us to watch the latest episode in the AC Milan masochism show.
  12. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 14: Parma 0-1 Milan

    1. Theo 2. Conti 3. Bennacer
  13. necromancer

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    Your real life identity has been unmasked.
  14. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 12: Juventus 1-0 Milan

    1. Hakan 2. Paqueta 3. Romagnoli
  15. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 10: Milan 1-0 SPAL

    1. Suso 2. Calabria 3. Paqueta
  16. necromancer

    Week 10: Milan vs Spal 31/10/19 21:00 CET

    Mid-week match, our bane. As if we needed more banes. On a positive note, SPAL has been atrocious this season for some reason. There will be changes in the XI as it's a mid-week match. Biglia will probably be on the bench, Kessie hopefully on the bench. Probably Piatek starting with Hakan...
  17. necromancer

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    The hype doesn’t help though. He has demonstrated the ability of an inconsistent midtable Serie a midfielder so far but he’s treated by the fanbase as the next coming of Kaka. Not the right environment to grow in.
  18. necromancer

    Milan Top Three || Match 8: Milan 2-2 Lecce

    1. Hakan 2. Theo 3. Piatek