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  1. Hitchens

    Week 22: Milan vs Spezia 17/01/2022 18:30 CET

    Extremely important three points. Let's win this game with our new CB signing in the stands!
  2. Hitchens

    Week 21: Venezia vs Milan 09/01/2022 12:30 CET

    We are coming off a glorious win versus Roma, and despite our absences the remaining players seem in excellent form. Venezia will come well rested to this game, having had their game versus Salernitana postponed. COVID is very much an issue right now, and one simply has to be prepared that we...
  3. Hitchens

    Champions League Group Stage: AC Milan - Liverpool FC 07/12/2021 21:00 CET

    This is it, our last chance to progress from the group stage. Two scenarios make this possible: 1) We win and Porto and Atletico draw. 2) We win and Atletico win, but we keep the goal difference between us and Atletico as is. Liverpool are already top of the group whatever the result, and are...
  4. Hitchens

    Week 15: Genoa vs Milan 01/12/2021 20:45 CET

    Fik is rumoured to be back. Maignan Kalulu-Kjaer-Tomori-Theo Kessie-Tonali Messias-Diaz-Saele Ibra Rest Leao, sub him in for Saele at 70 mins. I want to see more of LW Saele. Anything but three points is reprehensible.
  5. Hitchens

    Week 12: Milan vs Inter 07/11/2021 20:45 CEST

    This game needs no introduction. Let's crush them! My XI: Tata Kalulu-Kjaer-Tomori-Calabria Kessie-Tonali Saele-Diaz-Leao Ibra
  6. Hitchens

    Week 11: Roma vs Milan 31/10/2021 20:45 CEST

    Let's start talking about this. We have 28 points after the first 10 games, 9-1-0. Theo played a half vs Torino, and Diaz should also be back. Rebic is training today even tho the squad is given a day off, hopefully he's up to it but we shouldn't risk him. Both Ibra and OG are healthy and on...
  7. Hitchens

    Week 10: Milan vs Torino 26/10/2021 20:45 CEST

    Tenth league game of the season. Depending on the result of Roma-Napoli we are heading into this game as league leaders, with a record of 8-1-0 and 25 points. Theo was just announced as negative for COVID and Brahim is likely to follow suit, but neither is likely to start this game. Hopefully...
  8. Hitchens

    Week 5: Milan vs Venezia 22/09/2021 20:45 CEST

    The wheel keeps spinning. We're bleeding players to injury, but this squad is showing lion heart nonetheless. Unavailable for this fixture: Ibrahimovic Calabria(?) Kjaer(?) Bakayoko Messias Giroud(?) Krunic(?) We're facing Spezia on Saturday and Atletico midweek next week. Several players...
  9. Hitchens

    Week 36: Torino vs Milan 12/05/2021 20:45 CEST

    Let's start focusing on our next task. We won the home game thanks to a Leao goal and a Kessie pen. Torino risk playing without N'Kolou and Sirigu. I haven't seen any rumoured XIs yet but Saele is suspended and Ibra, Brahim are likely to miss the game because of knocks. My preferred XI...
  10. Hitchens

    Week 31: Milan vs Genoa 18/04/2021 12:30 CEST

    Still far off but I'm very excited for this. Ibra is suspended, at least for now. We will see if Maresca is a man or a mouse. Calabria is looking like the only injured player for this, which will allow us to field a team at almost full strength. My preferred XI: Donna Kalulu - Kjaer - Tomori...
  11. Hitchens

    Week 24: Roma - Milan 28/02/2021 20:45 CET

    Enough with the endless rotations. Padre needs to pick a first XI and stick with it, adapt when returning starters are injury free. He has been rotating even more than necessary lately. Gigio Calabria - Tomori - Romagnoli - Theo Tonali - Kessie Saelemaekers - Hakan - Leao Ibra Regain some...
  12. Hitchens

    Week 23: Milan - Inter 21/02/2021 15:00 CET

    Biggest test of the season so far. We are having a wonderful season, but we've struggled a bit since Christmas for various reasons. Lots of absences have caused us to field basically the entire squad over the course of the season so far, with great results. It really is a very strong squad...
  13. Hitchens

    Week 14: Milan - Lazio 23/12/2020 20:45 CET

    Last game of what has been a tremendous year for this glorious club. We secure top of the table going into 2021 with a win in this game. Ibra, Kjaer, Bennacer, Gabbia and possibly Rebic and Tonali will miss this game due to injury. Please share updates on their predicaments in this thread. The...
  14. Hitchens

    Week 12: Genoa - Milan 16/12/2020 20:45 CET

    Don't know about you guys but I'm already fully focused on this game. We lead the table by three points and come off a very tough draw against Parma, where Gabbia and Bennacer limped off and we failed to convert enough of our chances. For this game we are likely to see Kjaer and Ibra return...
  15. Hitchens

    The Rumour Commode XXXI: The Panther Era

    Boom Previous Commode
  16. Hitchens

    The Rumour Commode XXX: Return of the King

    Ibra has renewed for one more year. Tonali, Diaz and Bakayoko incoming. Forza Milan!
  17. Hitchens

    Week 20: Milan - Udinese 19/01/2020 12:30 CET

    Alright. We're coming off of two strong wins and seems to have turned a corner of sorts(knock on wood). Pioli has been deploying a good old 4-4-2 these last two games, and not only did it work really well with Ibra and Leao up top against Cagliari but it also surprisingly worked really well...
  18. Hitchens

    Week 19: Cagliari - Milan 11/01/2020 15:00 CEt

    We're in full disarray with a rumoured revolution going on in the transfer window. 12th place. Probable line up: Donnarumma Calabria-Musacchio-Romagnoli-Hernandez Castillejo-Kessie-Bennacer-Calhanogl Leao-Ibrahimovic Cagliari meanwhile are one of the better teams in the league this season...
  19. Hitchens

    Week 11: Milan vs Lazio 03/11/19 20:45 CET

    Important opportunity to show that we're not as crap as shown up and until now. The team will be very fired up for this one, and this game is very much a winnable one. I hope Krunic starts and that Rebic finally makes his mark with a goal from the bench. Forza Milan!
  20. Hitchens

    Week 6: Milan - Fiorentina 29/09/19 20:45 CET

    This is a fresh chance at three points. It's maybe fair to say that even a win won't change the satisfaction of the fans, but if we repeat the first half vs Torino for an entire match we might win convincingly. Let's hope Giampaolo and the boys start redeeming themselves. FORZA MILAN!