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  1. Wild

    Support Wild's kid to win

    So to make a story short. My son & my wife entered this competition & they need votes so we can win a trip + the opportunity for my 8 months son to do some adds. Dont forget he is for sure a future Milanista :D All who wanna help need to do is to be logged in facebook. Then press the following...
  2. Wild

    Wild Junior ............

    So ....................... am dad :D My son was born on 12-02-2010. I named him Karim which mean : the generous.
  3. Wild

    Milan (4) - (1) Udinese 18/05/08

    Ok , we should win + hope 4 Fiore 2 draw or lose. I dont have faith in our shit 4 a coach or our players. But , am ready 2 b proven right.
  4. Wild

    Ronaldo Thread

    This is now the official Ronaldo thread. --BMWTaylor Ronaldo , prior 2 his injury , was a unique striker. But now he aint the same. As much as I adore him I am really doubtful that he will shine in serieA. But know this , Ronaldo during the wc was the best scorer while he was limping +...
  5. Wild


    Who is this player ? An1 with some info.
  6. Wild

    Milan after the break

    Many r sayin that Pirlo + co aren’t performing coz they r tired & that Milan will b better after the break. Others demand of a new coach while others ask 4 new signings. What do u think should + would happen after the break ? There is no need 2 go into names of coaches or players since it can b...
  7. Wild

    Footballers' Wages Discussion

    I always thought that Milan r wasting money on bad transfers 4 old or weak players + payrolls 4 players that aren’t good no more. So am curious 2 know how much every Milan players make just 2 see how much money we spend on players & whether if they deserve on not. Lets start by doing research...
  8. Wild

    What about Passion.....

    Seems no1 but me will have the balls 2 ask : How r we gonna deal with this ? :cool:
  9. Wild

    What phone do u recommend.

    Hey ppl…. So I wanna buy a new cell phone. I don’t have a cam. And used 2 have an mp3 player but I sold it. So I need a phone that combine a good cam & music player. I was considering the Nokia N70 & the Nokia 6270. Both 2.0 mega pixel camera & great speakers 2 play music. So plz , if u can...
  10. Wild

    Totti might miss WC2006

    Am a Brazilian fan & I want 2 win WC but when I hear such news it really break my heart. 2 hear that any player is injured is something sad so how if its Totti ? He is the heart of Italy + among few spectacular Italians. I hope he will heal fast & b fit 2 join the WC. Get well Totti………..
  11. Wild

    Milan-Palermo (25-01-05) Copa Italia

    Lately I v been enjoying the Copa games more than the Cl + SerieA games since COWARD don’t play his fav. Players. :D Formation : ----------------------Dida Marzo-------Nesta-----Stam-----Simic Rui----------Ambro ----Vogel-----Yanku --------------Pippo----Amorozo Sorry , but i need a Mod...
  12. Wild

    What kind of pc do u have ?

    Hey guys…… Am interested in knowing what pc do u all use. I have a pc that I built myself from scratch + using WinXP pro on it: -Intel board 915 GEV -Intel Pentium4 3.0 -1 Giga DDR2 – Ram ( 2 x 512 ) -Nvidia 6600-256 MB -HDD Sata 80 Giga byte
  13. Wild

    Milan-Brescia (29-11-05) Copa Italia

    Unless COWARD have another bad idea , I want 2 see all players we didn’t see. Kalac – Marzorati – Vogel – Yanku - Ardemagni – Vieri ………….
  14. Wild

    Free players-Milan should benefit

    Most of us just hate 2 sign free players coz usual this mean “old + finished” players. But Juve got Mutu + Kovac on free this year -----> good deal. Next year there is a bunch + quality players. Maxwel(Ajax) –Tarabulsi(Ajax)-Henry-Cassano-Balack………. Plz if u ppl know more free players tell me...
  15. Wild

    Wild going to Istanbul : FB-Milan

    Well yes ….. It’s a dream come true. I would b able 2 see Milan live 4 the first time in my life. I met a Turkish friend in this forum & she helped me a lot , She even paid 4 the tickets. She is Leia , a FB fan. I will travel on 23-11-2005 & return on 25-11-2005 , Encha allah. I will hold a...
  16. Wild

    Games : discussion about games we play.

    Well its about games. What games we played & witch games we liked or dislike. If ur stuck in a place &u don’t know what 2 do come ask a friend here.
  17. Wild

    Inzaghi vs Gila

    Well few facts b4 we start : - We paid 30 Mil $ 4 Pippo when he was 28 ( more than we paid 4 Sheva ) - Inzagi played 20 games in his first season & scored 10. - Gila we signed him for like 28 Mill $ when he was 23. Remember that paying 30 Mil back in 2001 is more than paying the same price...
  18. Wild

    Milan's players average age.

    This is a statistic about average age of Milan’s player. 23 Milan players : 31 :eek: 3 Keepers : 34 7 Defenders : 33 :eek: 9 Midfielders : 28.5 4 Strikers : 29 I just don’t wanna do the same with Chelsea. :mad:
  19. Wild

    Milan – Lazio : 21-09-2005 6.30 MT-9.30 KSA

    Ok am gonna open this with 1 thing. No fucking Seedorf or fucking Kala. And I will say the formation & Ancelotti better do it. ------------------Dida -------Nesta---Maldini---Stam Cafu-------Ambro---Pirlo--------Serginho ----------------Kaka -----------Sheva---Gila I know he wont play it but...
  20. Wild

    Funniest thing in a soccer game.

    Well I remember a game between Brasil-Sweden. Don’t know if it was a friendly or a official. Anyway , Brasil used 2 have Bronco as a Left Back. He used 2 score many free kicks with his powerful shoot. I mean the guy had a cannon in his left leg. :star: So Brasil had a free kick Sweden had a...