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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    LOL...San Paolo cracked me up again. :D P.S. Seeing our captain expresses no doubt 'I will do everything to be there' is exactly morale boost for other team-mates to deserve the best in closing stages. If he really fits, I would field him alongside Nesta but I wouldn't take any risks if the...
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    Dida Thread

    Wish him best of luck if he eventually leaves the club. :star:
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    Didier Zokora joins Spurs

    For those fellow thought Milan should've signed Ivory Coast superstar Didier Zokora, well here is the latest news. He's finally off to Premiership to join Tottenham Hotspurs. Didier Zokora: I snubbed Chelsea, United and Arsenal to sign for Spurs... By Antony Kastrinakis IVORY COAST...
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    Theo Walcott's call up for England squad!

    Well I'm now bringing this stuff up, it's being hot headlines for the 17-year-old Arsenal forward, Theo Walcott. The striker has yet to play in the Premiership (for Arsenal in particular), following his £12m move from Southampton in January but was the inclusion in Sven-Goran Eriksson's...
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    Italian Football Thread

    Guys, this from now on I dedicate this thread to any Italian football match-ups (out of Milan's stuff) either Italian Serie A, Serie B, and other the lower ones and every single headlines+subject all matter that happens on or off the pitch you can come up with and are interested to bring in...
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    AC Milan vs Juventus - Trofeo Luigi Berlusconi

    A big match indeed. Should've leveled the Big Lady at this time. The story I must tell you by the time this Trofeo was started in 1991, the record of 6 win of 13th matches 'only' belonged to us. Our biggest rival Juventus had clinched 7!!This year; on 14th Trophy match, as we've had been to...
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    No subject

    Diego in Becks blast Diego Maradona claims that David Beckham is nothing special. "He is a good player but no superstar," he said. "Still I like him, though it's a pity he is English. But I can't take him too seriously. He looks a woman. But of course that doesn't mean I am attracted to him."...
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    Bologna vs Milan

    Well Romanisti sorry for taking your 1st spot on table and we will keep showing our *positive* performances in near following matches. Anyway we will play Bologna at Renato Dall'Ara, and other rivals are surely still targeting our position on table particularly Roma and Juventus..Just securing...
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    Milan vs Ancona

    Why fellow here haven't yet started this topic anyway??Ok We will play Ancona at San Siro, a soon-to-be relegated team..(or some miracle comes in helping them in order to still exist in Serie A...)with some ex-Milan players in squad namely Daniele Daino, Maurizio Ganz, and Giampiero Maini.. and...
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    Milan vs Reggina

    Never mind we're still enjoying the Roma game's moment, and we the team finally had broken down their superiority at home. Now back to home, San Siro..we will play the team who just humiliating Lazio away...Reggina boys. I don't want to remember the Udinese match, something that could be reality...
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    Official Formula One thread

    Well I have no idea how many of fellow here are the biggest fan of Formula One...but I still start the topic. Anyway the season 2004 is getting closer as teams has a lot work to do in managing cars performance to face tough season. Scuderia Ferrari has won the both trophies, driver and...
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    The Lord Of The Rings:The Return Of The King

    Here I quoted Director/co-writer/producer Peter Jackson about his sensasional filmmaking the final chapter of The Lord Of The Rings..and in director Peter Jackson's critically accalimed, Academy-Award winning trilogy.. "In addition to these huge battles, you have these intimate stories, the...
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    Chievo - MILAN

    Ok..we back again to Serie A and this week we will play The Flying Donkey a.k.a Chievo Verona in their home side. I know it wouldn't be easy to beat them up but at least we can take points to *adhere* tightly to Bianconeri... Any comments?Line-up?Progress news??
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    Milan - Lecce

    Well Pippo injured in this match and I'm sorry for him. At home, Giuseppe Meazza stadium we will play a mid-table team, Lecce to make sure we are still tough contenders for Italian title. There's no excuse we will have lost the match...and Rino Gattuso... show us once again your Milan's spirit...
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    Milan - Bologna

    Be positive my fellow Milanista. Shall we grab three points once again after victory debut versus Ancona away?I think we do know how to "manage" the game against team like Bologna even I know they were quite promising last season. What will happen this season?Could Signori & co leads the way in...
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    Ancelloti' speaking!

    Ancelotti: All Milan men are equal Monday 28 July, 2003 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carlo Ancelotti has warned his stars that they will have to fight for a place in this season’s squad. “Dida is the...
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    What's your driving alter ego?

    What's your driving alter ego?? Mine Ambitious driver. :eek: :D "It doesn't matter if you're running a classroom, a marathon, or for political office. To you, life is a race and you pride yourself on staying ahead of the pack or at least being involved in many of them. Yep, you're...
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    All About Movies

    You can share your feelings here about movies you have seen, anything about movies... ;) Lets fun folks.. :)
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    Abbiati turned down Arsenal!!

    Abbiati might be leaving AC Milan for being target by Arsenal that searching their ex-goalie David Seaman's replacement who has been moved to Manchester City to sign a-one year contract after agreeing terms with Kevin Keegan's men. But Rossoneri have revealed that AC Milan's goalkeeper is not...
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    Serie A : Piacenza vs Milan

    Day 34 of Serie A 2002/2003 season. We will play Piacenza away and will have to secure our CL's spot next season by humiliating this home side even it's more like the coach brings the youth team. Ancelloti has named a 20-man for Piacenza game: GOALKEEPERS: Fiori, Brunelli (shirt No. 35)...