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    Brigate Rossonere Scozia

    Hello Rossonere Just to let you all know that we have founded the BRIGATE ROSSONERE SCOZIA! We are just in the very early stages of our club but we do have a website and discussion forum. Please come and join us -we will welcome members from all around the globe
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    Contacting The Club

    Does anyone have an e-mail address that I can use to contact anyone at AC Milan in connection with our UK MIlan club?
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    Curva Nord And Sud

    Why is it that every stadium in Italy seems to have a Curva Nord and Curva Sud?Do they always build stadiums with the goals at North and South?Why not a Curva East and West?Any ideas?
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    Italian Strikes

    I hear that there have been somme strikes in Italy today.I am headsing over tomorrow and wondered if anyone had any idea if my flight may be affected?Stanstead-milan(Bergamo) is the route we will take.
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    It is impossible to tell from the pics if he is fat,slim or otherwise.likewise it is impossible to tell at 9yo if he is likely to be a future Milan player. They did a Milan coaching school here in Scotland and anyone who was prepared to pay the money could send their kids along.Is it the same in...
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    Online Tickets

    Has anyone else noticed that the online tickets section is not available yet?Is there any other source for tickets for UK based fans?Does this have anything to do with the new rules relating to ticket sales in Italy?I also have looked at other clubs and tickets are not available for...
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Its just puppy fat!He will lose theweight when he grows up!
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    No Reserve League In Italy-why?

    Why is it that Serie A has no reserve league?Most leagues have such a set up which is excellent for blooding new players,youngsters and also for players coming back from injury.To encourage youth it can be insisted that a certain number of players are under 21 years old.
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    Rangers v Celtic

    Just wondered what everyone thought of the gruesome twosome and their so called football match at the weekend?Everyone likes to watch the games but I would guess no one actually enjoys the football -they only watch for the off ball antics of the players and fans.Personally I would love to see...
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    Del Piero To Milan?

    Channel 4 have suggested that Del Piero could be joining Milan!Carlo has fuelled the rumours by saying the door to Milanello is open for him.Would you take him?
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    Denmark4-1 England Jdt Scores!

    Something of as surprise to see England loose by such a margin especially given that they are certainties for the semis at least in the world cup finals(which they have yet to qualify for!) very pleasing to see JDT score against them-actually its pleasing to see anyone score against them. Forza...
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    Name The 20 Teams In Serie A 2005/06

    With all the controversy regarding financial scandals,bribery etc can anyone actually name the 20 teams who will play in Serie A next season?I cant!I know Torino and Genoa are not being promoted but who will take thier place?
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    Serie A On Uk Tv

    Does anyone know if Eurosport continue to have the rights for matches to be screened in the UK?i see that Setanta also claim to be showing some Italian matches live-I do hope they are not exclusive to Setanta.Also if Eurosport do continue to screen matches it is now available with a Freeview box.
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    Milan Club Uk

    We are in the process of forming a Milan Club in the UK.There is a web site which will be hosted at .Its not quite up and running but we are getting there. OUR President has set out the following aims for the club 1.To provide a meeting place for Milan fans in the Uk and also...
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    New Kit 2005-2006

    Have seen that the new kit will feature the logo "ZAFIRA" relating to the Opel car.The stripes appear to be a little thinner than the current one but surprise surprise it is red and black vertical stripes!!!
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    Tickets-Milan V Roma

    We are coming over from Scotland for the above match and have booked flights etc.What is the best and cheapest way to purchase match tickets?I have seen some tickets available online for as much as 290 Euros per ticket.What is the face value of such tickets and will the match be sold out?Could...