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  1. Italian Tsar

    Lance Armstrong Thread

    Well he got busted. That's just so, so sad. I mean I respected this guy so much, idolized him, like millions of others. He'll still maintain the USADA framed him by blackmailing fellow riders into submission, and the USADA is yet to prove its charges in a court of law, but the range of the...
  2. Italian Tsar

    J D Salinger dies

    Salinger's gone. The best. Ever. Reclusive US novelist J.D. Salinger dies at 91 New York, Jan 28 (AFP) - J.D. Salinger, the reclusive author of "The Catcher in the Rye," has died at 91, his agent said Thursday, raising tantalizing questions over whether the legendary writer might have left...
  3. Italian Tsar

    Player of the Decade

    Poll added. This is one hell of a question. Debate seems to be raging everywhere. But please vote with respect to reason and not sentiment. I hesitated adding Maldini for this reason, but decided it'd be a greater crime if I left him out. So please be prepared to be justify your answer. Of...
  4. Italian Tsar

    Usain Bolt

    He just lowered his own 200m record of 19.30 to 19.19 sec. This guy's a phenomenon. I used to think it's only a matter of time before he gets caught doping, but it's not happened. I hope it doesn't, because this guy's a rare, rare talent. And he's just 22. Great times, these. :beer:
  5. Italian Tsar

    AC Milan - Serie A 2007-2008

    The season's over and the new season will be upon us in just another 2 months. Lets discuss all about our domestic campaign for next season here. Poll added :beer:
  6. Italian Tsar!

    Hey everyone, I've decided to pursue a career in Sports Writing. So I applied to, and now have had my first article published. The link: :D :D :D In my quest for the perfect article, I've churned out tens of hundreds of posts...
  7. Italian Tsar

    Giuseppe Favalli Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting: Giuseppe Favalli :D
  8. Italian Tsar

    World Cup Fantasy Football

    Hey guys, its been a while since i started a thread, so i reckoned making one on the World Cup might work out. ;) As I hope you all know, the Official World Cup Fantasy Football is being conducted by , the official site for the World Cup. In order to play...
  9. Italian Tsar

    I Got Hired!!!

    Hey mates, I just got hired. This is my first job, and i wanted to share it with everyone of u :). I don't think i can access the forum as often as before, but i'll stick around. This forum is too dear to me to forgo :) Cheers for everyone, have a nice time. :) P.S: I know its out of context...
  10. Italian Tsar

    Most Inspiring Quote?

    Hey mates, iam not so sure if this applies to everyone, but as far as i know, when people are down in the dumps, they think of some kind of consolation to get themselves out of the rut. In most cases, it is an Inspiring quote. My fav inspirational quote: "Our greatest glory consists not in...
  11. Italian Tsar

    Who Should Play James Bond?

    Hey guys, just an idea: If FIFA , as a part of spreading the beautiful game throughout the world, plan to take a film based on the exploits of James Bond, the famous British spy, who do you reckon will be best suited for the title role? The candidate must be smart, should be a quick thinker...
  12. Italian Tsar

    Who Is The Best Captain Of 'em All?

    Oh Captain! My Captain! Hey friends, please vote on who, among all the Captains given above, fits the bill of Captain perfectly, carries out his duties impeccably, and who, in ur view, is able to inspire his team when they are down in the dumps. I couldn't include our Captain, but in my view...
  13. Italian Tsar

    Help Please!

    I was thinking of starting a new thread, and it occured to me to put up a poll. As I've not tried it before now, i tried clicking the option at the bottom of the page which says 'Post a Poll' , and i did give the required specification(no. of Poll questions), and then previewed the post, but...
  14. Italian Tsar

    Request for Serie A Fantasy Football

    Hey guys, i was jus' checking out fantasy football sites but try as i might, i couldn't come up with a single site which offers Serie A Fantasy Football. Everything is based on the Premiership, for which i have very little regard. So could u guys help me out by naming sites which offer Serie A...
  15. Italian Tsar

    Who Will Win The Bundesliga?

    Hey guys, who do u think has a chance this time around to lift the 'Bundesliga' trophy? Will the Bayern juggernaut roll on, or will they be stopped by someone in the form of their lives? Will it be Werder Bremen, who seem to be in fine form at the moment, or will Schalke 04 be a...
  16. Italian Tsar

    Arsene Wenger In Serie A?

    Hey guys I just read something saying Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger would love to coach one day in Serie A. But seriously, I don't think he has got wt it takes to succeed in Serie A. The Italian League's been announced as the most competitive in the world (Channel 4), and though it edges out...
  17. Italian Tsar

    Roma Transfer Embargo

    Hey guys, iam sure all of u must by now know about the Great Roman Story :o , so please give ur thoughts on the topic here... :D
  18. Italian Tsar

    What Question Will You Ask These Superstars?

    Hey dudes, here's a situation: You get to meet the following Milan superstars individually, alone in their dressing room, and are permitted to ask only one question to them. So, u have to give what questions u will ask these stars. They are: 1) Maldini 2) Sheva 3)...
  19. Italian Tsar

    The Running Thread on Pre-1970 Milan Legends

    Hey Dudes, Iam starting this thread with a view of providing and eliciting information (visual) i.e., photographs and videos, of the Legends of Milan during the Pre-1970 era. I've chosen 1970 as the time frame because it was during the years which preceeded it (early and mid 20th century) that...
  20. Italian Tsar

    Who Is The Greatest Rossonero Ever?

    Hey Guys, I was just of thinking and it just occurred to me as to who is the greatest Rossonero of all time. I right away went on to work on it and found out, to my great amazement and content, how many legends of the Beautiful Game Milan has had, and still has. Out of some 40 odd true greats...