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    Official: Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread II

    joe barton mocks zlatan's nose. i dont know why ibra didnt karate his head off
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    Luis Neto

    ladies and gentleman llet me have the honour to open the tread for this pearl. according to, ofc di marzio, we are linked and very close to him. PM-N9GB3lUs as you can witness in this clip, we are dealing with next tiago silva mixed with some baresi.
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    Official: Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread II

    56 goals. 28 per season. Fantastic player. Irreplaceable.
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    AC Milan - Serie A 2011/2012 Season

    merge it if was posted before ------------------- today @ 20.30 the draw for upcoming fixture will be held..
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    Matteo Chinellato

    UFFICIALE: Pasini in compartecipazione con il Genoa Adesso è ufficiale: Nicola Pasini passa in compartecipazione tra Milan e Genoa. La notizia la si apprende dal sito della Lega di Serie A che conferma, dunque, la nostra anticipazione, confermata ulteriormente nella giornata di ieri da Adriano...
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    Official: Franco Baresi Thread

    Yes i should probably be joking! but anyway i dont understant why for whatever reason he didnt mention Silva way before Robinho.Baresi as an ex defender should know how influential Silva's help was in clinching the title
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    Official: Franco Baresi Thread

    He' jealous of Silva or what ?! :lol: Ibra and Silva should be in one rank before Robinho is there/ :cool:
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    Christian Abbiati Thread

    We tend to remember and appreciate Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Boateng, Flamini etc for having and being in good form. BUT IMHO Abbiati's current form is as much important as each of them form. His save tonight just after we scored the first goal was very crucial that put us on the brink of the...
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    I still would preferred a baddass naive abate like yesterday then a whining bitch anyday.. his correctness is to be admired :star: thats how the champion is made
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    nice performance
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    Maxwell Cabelino Andrade

    Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade (born 27 August 1981), commonly known as Maxwell, is a Brazilian footballer who currently plays for Spanish La Liga club FC Barcelona. His natural position is at left back, but he has also played at left winger and right back while at Ajax and Barcelona. Maxwell...
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    i have no idea how shite he can go
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    Dida Thread

    great clip. what a milan
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    the concret example that shows speed's not everything on football
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    Ibra or Dzeko

    srsly guys, being linked with both of them and one or another can be acquired, who would u prefered. I fuckin know its big dilema.
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    Official: Ignazio Abate Thread

    He is a brainless player with some speed on his feet. And thats it.
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    Andrea De Vito Thread

    Well, he debut for the first team and I think he already deserves his own thread now, if he doesnt have one yet (?) ----------------------------------------------- Andrea De Vito (born 27 November 1991) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a defender for A.C. Milan, currently in...
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    Paolo Maldini Thread

    Yes, they spend their holidays together in Miami.