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    Graphics Thread

    show off your creations... did this one a few days ago, it's my current desktop background :D any comments? BTW, it's small due to size regulations ;)
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    Galliani: No Big Moves In The Transfer Market 06/03/2003. AC Milan Chief Executive Officer, Adriano Galliani has revealed that the European Champions will not be making any drastic changes or big signings over the summer as he feels that the current squad is very competitive. Milan will be competing for six trophies in...
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    my new sig

    what do you think? made it myself :)
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    Your opinion on World Player of the Year?

    My 3 nominees would be Nedved, Scholes and Makaay... All 3 have been amazing all year, especially Nedved, who'd probably win it
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    Bologna up 1-0 right now :D GO BOLOGNAAAA!!! :devil2:
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    Was something wrong recently with

    For the past week or so, I wasn't able to access, and every time I did, my AntiVirus would pop up and tell me that it had a virus, forcing me to close it every time... Did this happen to happen to anyone else? :conf:
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    Milan May Offer Loan Player To Get Contra Back

    From 03/23/2003. Milan are keen to re-sign Cosmin Contra from Atletico Madrid, and would be willing to allow either Fabrizio Coloccini, Demetrio Albertini or Jose Mari to join the Spanish club on a permanent deal in exchange. Right-back is one of the Rossoneri's weak spots, and...
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    How old are you?

    I'm starting to wonder, and it's about time that I find out how old you guys are... so? I'll start :tongue: I'm, 15, turning 16 in August... YOUR TURN :devil2:
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    Who wants to make ol' Rony a siggy?

    :D If anyone knows how to make one of them mixed-picture siggies, and are interested in making me one, please let me know... I'll get the pictures :) :devil2:
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    Gun... Kill... Now... Useless... Die... Stab... :mad:
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    What do you think of Gattuso?

    I personally love this guy, his grit and determination is outstanding, and his look scares the opponents :D BTW, he was rated the most underrated player of the year for 2002 by some soccer magazine (cant remember which)... Guess who was voted most OVERrated? That's right, the Man Utd skipper...
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    Milan's next 2 Serie A games postponed?

    :conf: I was looking at, and when I looked at Milan's future fixtures against Reggina and Juve, they said it was postponed... any idea what's going on?
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    Best acquisition of the year?

    Make your pick again :devil2:
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    Worst acquisition of the year?

    Make your pick :devil2:
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    Veron-Recoba Swap Deal Possible?

    (SoccerAge) 03/05/2003. can exclusively reveal that Inter president Massimo Moratti is so keen to get Manchester United midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron on board, that he could sacrifice Alvaro Recoba. Indeed, talks between the two clubs...
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    Tomasson: Milan Can Win It All

    ( 02/27/2003. Milan's Danish striker Jon Dahl Tomasson says the club can 'win it all' this season. "I am happy to have passed this round in the Champions League," he was quoted as saying on the club's official site. "To qualify for the quarter-finals in Madrid against Real...
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    Eugenio, I Love You

    No, not the movie - Eugenio Corini!!! He's given Chievo a 2-0 lead over inter (40th minute right now) :D:D:D:D
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    KK's brother

    This is a rather sad story... I'm sure all of you are aware about Levan Kaladze, who's been kidnapped for a while now... He's been kidnappd for almost 2 years now, i think...Kakha's handled it very well MILAN - The talk in Corriere della Sera is of Kakha Kaladze who has run the highest number...
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    Libya 2-4 Canada

    :D Not such an accomplishment, but hey, better than nothing :) Go Canada Go :tongue:
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    Champ Manager thread

    Hmmm, I know that the new CM is coming out in a few days/weeks (i live in Canada, good luck to me finding it :head: ) and I just wanted to talk about CM 01/ know like teams that are crap in the game but good in real life and vice versa, and if what you've done in it so far I've been...