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    1/8 final: SPAIN 1 - 1* RUSSIA

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    The Rumour Commode XXIII: The Reality Era

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    Coppa Italia Final: Milan vs Juventus 20:00 CET 9/5/2018

    The streak is on the line 9-0 in match threads, but this is where it's put to the ultimate test derby della awful marketing slogans #WeAreATeam vs #Together Milan vs Juventus Forza Milan pls win
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    Week 20: Milan vs Crotone - Saturday 6/1/2018 15:00 CET

    NEW YEAR NEW ME(ELAN)!!! lets go boiz 4-0 borini, romangoli, locatelli + andre silva goal off the bench 4za milan
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    Week 14: Milan vs Torino - Sunday 26/11/2017 15:00 CET

    VS derby della midtable WHO WILL BE THE MAN?
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    The Rumour Commode XX: X(i) Gon' Give It To Ya

    fGx6K90TmCI Previous commode:
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    Fifa Confederations Cup 2017

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    Week 32: Inter vs Milan: Saturday 15/04/2017 - 12:30 CET

    Inter vs The Streak LETS GO!!!! FORZA MILAN!!!!! (pls win)
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    Week 31: AC Milan vs Palermo - Sunday 09/04/2017 - 15:00 CET

    Molto tre punti Molto vittoria Molto win or GTFO Forza Milan!!!
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    Week 8: Chievo VS A.C Milan - Sunday 16/10/2016 - 20:45 CET

    FORZA MILAN 2-0 Meggiorni, Inglese Birsa solos
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    Asian Football Thread

    Asian cup in a month's time, U.A.E to win it all, fuck the haters anyways, discuss the 2nd best continent's football here
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    CL Matchday 5 : Auxerre (0) vs AC Milan (2) 23/11/2010

    Forza Milan:star: kill em :gun::uzikill::flame:
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    Week 5: AC Milan (1) vs. Genoa (0) - 25/09/10

    I'd like to see men from Milan's side on the pitch and if allegri allows it, 3 points. Thank you in advanced.
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    Leonardo Thread

    Coach:star: Leonardo: Milan Must Not Enter 'Tunnel Of Pessimism' The Rossoneri's coach is trying to remain upbeat despite a poor pre-season... Milan coach Leonardo believes that his team will prove all of its worth when it really matters after an extremely disappointing pre-season, with the...