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  1. BrasilianMilan

    Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Which game is better? Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? I personally like both, but a lot of people tell me Street Fighter sucks. Disagree. What do you guys think?
  2. BrasilianMilan

    Trailer Park Boys

    I love the TV Show Trailer Park Boys. It's absolutely hilarious! It's about three crooks who live in a Canadian trailer park and are always schemeing to make money in illegal ways. Has anyone seen this TV show? Check it out!
  3. BrasilianMilan

    The Walking Dead

    Has anyone seen The Walking Dead? SUCH A GREAT SHOW! I think it's only available in North America, maybe other places :conf: but I love it :cool: if you love zombies, intensity, good storylines, action, adventure, or babes, then you should CHECK it OUT!!