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  1. Passion for *9*


    What happened ? Didn't see him misbehave. S.o. wielding supermod power again ?
  2. Passion for *9*


    Just trying to redirect traffic from the Drogba thread. I mean, I can understand the fascination + drooling over hotpants, thighs + muscle, but everything in its proper place, please :tongue:
  3. Passion for *9*

    Overzealous mods

    MODERATE... Don't always fucking lock threads because people start having a discussion. MODERATE... Edit personal crap + the rest should be allowed to be posted. It's always the same person who is getting her panties in a twist. Since I can't say it in the appropriate thread I say it here...
  4. Passion for *9*

    Desailly scouts for Milan

    Normally I don't quote from Tribal.. but I guess this is legit : Desailly: I'll find top African talent for AC Milan - March 27, 2007 Marcel Desailly has returned to AC Milan after nine years away to become their official African scout. The World Cup winner's appointment...
  5. Passion for *9*

    WEEK 28 - SAPL - League Games

    Sampdoria 2-0 Cagliari Inter 1-1 Milan Siena 1-1 Ascoli Torino 1-0 Catania Palermo 2-2 Fiorentina Reggina 1-3 Lazio Empoli 2-1 Livorno Chievo 2-1 Messina Atalanta 1-1 Parma Roma 2-0 Udinese
  6. Passion for *9*


    TRIP to LONDON LONDONERS... I need your help :D I'll be in London next week + would appreciate tips on nightlife/bars/clubs + shopping + stuff. Also public transportation. How easy/hard is it to get to the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal training complex (Shenley) + Chelsea training complex...
  7. Passion for *9*

    Ibrahim Ba Thread

    I think the thread shouldn't have been locked (another of BMW's funny moderating acts). Of all the players discussed in Transfers he's undeniably the one 'linked' closest to Milan, seeing that he's even participating in the camp in Malta, + even if it is very unlikely that Milan are going to...
  8. Passion for *9*

    Leandro Grimi Thread

    Leandro Grimi Embarrassing but funny article on our next Maldini for those who understand Italian :
  9. Passion for *9*

    Attention SERGI RAMOS fanclub... LOL

    Attention SERGIO RAMOS fanclub... --- Milan are in talks with dude's agent who happens to be dude's brother. Dunno what to make of it, as it would be another atypical signing, AND considering dude's...
  10. Passion for *9*

    What The Fuck ????

    Someone demote BMW. Her moderating is a fucking JOKE. It's not the first time I waste my time here writing a post just to find the thread suddenly locked or gone. ... *IS* a very interesting topic, even if presented in a less than fortunate...
  11. Passion for *9*

    Sheva thread pt 2

    Would you kindly point me to the 'homophobic comments', BMW ? I don't see any. If you want to justify your own fuck-ups, come up with sth better.
  12. Passion for *9*

    Sheva thread

    Seems BMW is a little extra-edgy these days but being worried about the crush doesn't absolve her from exercising bad judgment with regard to locking threads. Someone unlock the Sheva thread... please.
  13. Passion for *9*


    ... for welcoming me back with read + black hearts on the frontpage.... So a slight variation of my trademark avatar has become part of the forum design ~ is it so hard to be a little more creative ? :rolleyes:
  14. Passion for *9*


    I'm not stepping down, I was demoted. Is it so hard to stick to the truth, scharatz ? Stuff your phony thanks up yours.
  15. Passion for *9*

    Moggi's powers or Milan's luck ? Do the test !

    Find out !!! :D ;) The Three Dimension Luck and Power Test You Are Internal - Realist - Powerful You feel your life is controlled internally. If you want something, you make it happen. You don't wait around for things to go your...
  16. Passion for *9*

    How Abnormal Are You ?

    How Abnormal Are You ? :tongue: ---- You Are 4% Abnormal You are at low risk for being a psychopath. It is unlikely that you have no soul. You are at low risk for having a borderline personality. It is unlikely that you are a chaotic...
  17. Passion for *9*

    The Five Factor Personality Test

    The Five Factor Personality Test : Your Five Factor Personality Profile Extroversion: You have medium extroversion. You're not the life of the party, but you do show up for the party. Sometimes you are full of energy and open to new...
  18. Passion for *9*

    SENSATIONAL NEWS !!! David to join Milan ???

    In his world-exclusive statement, published world-exclusively @, inspirational forum leader DAVID reveals that he's been contemplating a move to Milan since he was 6. He also expresses his disappointment with 'the evil people'...
  19. Passion for *9*

    Pictures + Trivia

    One of the most famous World Cup tourists has arrived in Lübeck/Northern Germany.... Abramovich. Wonder if Pazik is on board....
  20. Passion for *9*

    Random replies... (cont. new mod)

    You, as a notorious basher + insult slinger, a liar, a multiple ID poster, instigator of forum flame wars, a poster devoid of integrity + principles who thought sucking up to admins + mods would be his ticket to the much desired mod job (don't even deny it) really should do just one thing in...