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    Ignazio Abate?!

    This guy is meant to come in for the departure of Rivaldo, read this straight from the horses mouth Adriano Galiani @ official website: Very interesting...anyone know anything about this guy? Like what position he plays....
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    Six degrees of separation

    Hey i just thought of another game seeing that player name thread. You know when u do this game with actors that they all link up somehow in movies, i'd be interested to see what you guys come up with for soccer players. But i think they would have to have played for a team at the same time...
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    When they argue . . .

    What language do you think players speak to each other in? Seeing some of the internationals matches have little fights i was wondering what an Azzuri would be saying to a Welshman :conf:
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    Film titles of Rossoneri

    Hey guys i was thinking today about what film titles or television shows would apply to some of the AC Milan players. Like something about their playing style or personality that would go with a well known title. I thought of a few like: Maldini: Everybody Loves Paolo *Everybody loves Raymond*...
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    Your fantasy job

    Hey guys, i was thinking today about the ultimate job. What would you guys do as a Fantasy job and something more practical. For me i would love to be a photographer (for tennis and soccer) and my fantasy job ahaha something like Azzurri massage therapist ;) or a designer for teams jerseys...
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    Madrid rejects Milito - Whats the REAL story??

    I know this is a bit old how Real turned the guy away after his medical. I don't know, but something about it sounds shifty, i really think there's more to it than meets the eye. What do you guys think? :devilsmi: Real Madrid calls off Milito transfer MADRID, Spain (AP) -- Real Madrid called...
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    The Azzurri #5

    I was looking at the Azzurri line up and i realised i don't know who that fella usually wearing the number 5 shirt is? Can anyone help? Thanks
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    Sheva and JT??

    Ok i know this is a bit weird but i have been thinking Sheva has a likeness to Justin Timberlake the singer. Please dont hurt me :tongue: but i just want to see if anyone else thinks so.
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    Rui Costa Craves Benfica Return???

    03/24/2003. Milan midfielder Manuel Rui Costa says he wants to return to former club Benfica as soon as possible. "I have thought of my return since the day that I left," he said over the phone to more than 100,000 fans who had gathered for the club's last match at the Stadium of Light. "I...
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    Quick Survey

    I have this survey i am doing for a major work at school and though maybe i could ask you guys, if you wouldn't mind :tongue: Thanks a lot! Name 3 things which first come to mind when you think of Valentines Day?
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    Celtic game called off

    GLASGOW, Feb 15 (AFP) - Celtic´s match at Motherwell, due to start at 1230 GMT, was called off by the referee because of a frozen pitch early Saturday. A spokesperson confirmed: "The referee has just been down and decided that the game is unable to go ahead because the pitch is frozen."...
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    Laursen Leaving?

    Hey, i just found this article on Martin Laursen from the BBC sport website. Hammers 'target Laursen' Glenn Roeder is lining up Denmark World Cup star Martin Laursen in an attempt to resolve West Ham's defensive woes. The AC Milan defender is top of Roeder's shopping list when the transfer...