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    Life at jr. clubs

    I wnt to ask any of you that play, or played at any kind of jr. clubs and anywhere how was life there. And how 'bout the facilites. I play here at Steaua and I'm ashame to say that one of the best football clubs here has something that could hardly be described as a locker, nevermind talking...
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    perfect foward

    I mean in the way of some sort of puzzle: header: Crespo speed: Henry tehnique: Bergkamp shoot: ronaldo or, simply... MARCO VAN BASTEN :D
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    What was the nicest goal you ever saw?

    I wonder: how could you even rate a goal? if anyone can do that please tell me what's your opinion? I like very much MvB's goal in '88 agains USSR
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    If you could be someone, hwo would it be?

    I mean if you could be a personality of all time hwo would be? I wonder, I know a lot of persons that have as their most desierd wish being someone special that did something. IMO I think that I'm happy with hwo I am and wath I have acomplished until now(wich really almost 0 :devil3:)...
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    How do you rate romanian football?

    I belive that you've seen romanian players in foring championships, wath do you think about them?And about the national team:since '94 we din't have such a great team.Does anybody belive that Romania could find the glory that Steaua had in '86. :conf: Are any good romanian clubs left? A lot of...
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    Who was the best dutch player ever?

    Dutch football has been and is one of the most nice football so I would like to find out hwo is or was the best:
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    Hwo do you think Milan should get?

    You Must have an opinion. Who and why should Milan try to achive? IMO we really need more creativ players, even if we got Rui and Pirlo. And as for the GK problem, I think we need someone with a little more experience. Milan should develop a fast and inventive attak if we want to win anything...
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    Related to FIFA 2003 I found something like: "TGMOnline-download-fifa 2003-creation center"-is it really what it sounds like. I've tried downloading it but I never had the time of finishing the download. Does anybody have such a thing? :conf:
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    Me again.

    I was thinking if any of you guys like simulators like Championship Manager and if you do could you give me some other options with advantages.
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    I could use some help: how do you rate FIFA 2003 on a scale 1 to 10. I really don't know if I should try getting it... I heard it's not so good... Advantages and disadvantages...... :conf:
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    Vote for the best!!

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    Can Milan find the glory back?

    Has Milan had a good foward since van Basten? maybe, but not as good as him. He is ireplaceble, but at least does anybody remember him? For all the red&black fans, is he the same? :conf: