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    Rivaldo plays In Saudi Arabia

    TO RivippoRuiNestaShevdini and everyone who thought that playing in Saudi Arabia wasn't good enough to watch Milan playmaker Rivaldo has revealed that Milan will be the last European giant he will play for. Italian daily TUTTO SPORT caught up with him following the club's friendies in Saudi...
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    picturres and videos from Milan Vs Alittihad

    I must till you before you judge the Saudi clubs that this game was a celebration for Alittihad 75th anniversary in all their history they won only three league titles, so they are not the best of what the Saudi clubs can offer. Pictures from Milan at Jeddah Airport Pictures...
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    Milan VS Alittihad "report"

    Milan won the game against the Saudi team Alittihad 3-1. the starting lineup for Milan had some changes as Abiati started in the goal keeperposition and the rest goes like this: Helveg -------Maldini------Laurson------Della Pona Ambrosinni Sedorf-----------------------------Rivaldo Rui Costa...
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    First Lost Of The Season

    :cry: I am an AC Milan fan from Saudi Arabia but I'm sorry to inform you that Milan will lose today in their friendly match against Alittihad FC in Saudi Arabia. They are a very organized team with a lot of potential. I will be cheering for both clubs even though I think my ASS will be kicked...