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    This season we have some problems in milan's attack on the right side. Simic is a good defender but not a right wing back. And gattuso always come back in front of Nesta-Maldini. Sometimes Seedop and Rui change sides. But i think we need a real right midfield. And i think Camo is a right person...
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    GoodBye Seria

    After Milan don't win Reggina and Juve win Modena,I think we should say that. I can't not find a reason which can change what i said. I think now we have to work hard on quater final of CL and semi final of Italian Cup. Don't dream about Seria because we can not do anything. Juve have a great...
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    What will we do?

    after two win match. We have to choose between pipo and sheva-pirlo and ambrosini. what will we do?