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  1. rocknrolla1v1

    The Rumour Commode XXXV: Champions Edition

    Also, fuck Botman. Slow as a dam snail. The modern game no longer caters to this type of defender. BuT HEs gReat IN 1V1 and LeFT FOot PAssIng. Shut up, we don't need Romagnoli 2.0.
  2. rocknrolla1v1

    The Rumour Commode XXXV: Champions Edition

    Bremer will be another Mussachio or Duarte. Fuck him, invest in exciting young talent or proven winners. Kalulu is already better than him at CB.
  3. rocknrolla1v1

    Alessio Romagnoli Thread

    Has the biggest dick on the team
  4. rocknrolla1v1

    Ignazio Abate Thread

    Remember his goal for italy!
  5. rocknrolla1v1

    Official: Zvonimir Boban Thread

    Milan needs someone like him in the dressing room. Once Ambro left, there wasn't a strongly respected person in the dressing room. Lets hope Kaka can improve that.
  6. rocknrolla1v1

    Ignazio Abate Thread

    fuck santon and sanga
  7. rocknrolla1v1

    Official: Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread II

    Wish we kept Zlatan :( but we needed the money to bail out Berlu....