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    African Cup

    Any news of any rossonero (first team, primavera, loaned, etc.) called up?
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    Ac Milan's situation Petition

    Take a look to this guys... I see this some kind of point less but something is something... :tongue: we must start somewhere...
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    New Venezuela's time

    Please admins check this out... I hope you can do something about it... :$ UPDATE: watch this for tests...
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    Artwork: Milan Kit 2005/2006

    What do you think of my artwork??? I voted amazing cause I liked so much my work ;) ...
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    Vincenzo Spagnolo Killed By A Milan's Tifoso (1995)

    He guys I never had the interest of dig in about this but today I saw that had passed 10 years and genoa is coming to serie A again and they still retain that bad memory. For people who don't know the history here you got... Vincenzo Claudio Spagnolo January 29 of 1995, in the previous hours...
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    how about all this rumor??? do you think will be a nice sub to pippo??? they said he is coming on january and milan is searching to sign a pre-contract that link him to milan... :devil2:
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    Official 2004 Summer Milan's Transfers

    updated: 10/12/2004 Mates I found this in Lega Calcio site... is weird that I haven't heard about the others transfers... who are those guys??? :conf: GHEZZI??? SCARDAMAGLIA??? Is Esajas really to play for milan??? or he will be loaned??? :conf:
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    Mista to Milan

    It's a small rumor of this can happens... I will be pleased of this!!! I would love to see mista and sheva playing together... He is a great striker... and He has some qualities than our strikers lack off... :devil2: BRING HIM TO MILAN!!!
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    Donadel to Parma, Dalla Bona to Lecce & Borriello to Reg

    Is all official now... so what do you think guys??? Is this ok for them.. and for milan??? Now with borriello and kutuzov out... Milan must search for a 4th striker so now is not just a rumor... :rolleyes:
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    Logo Idea... 20 scudetti...

    I have been last week in a designing conference... there is a lot of new techniques in develop... but one I liked the most is the idea of bring the best of old school styles... and mixed with futuristics ideas... take old fashion and get it in a new era side... so I made a decision of try to get...
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    Sorry I made a mistake... :rolleyes:
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    Who the hell is kutuzov?????? Galliani said that borriello will leave on loan and kutuzov will return cause he was loaned by milan in 2002/03 to sporting lisbon and 2003/04 to avellino... but I don't remember have heard about him before... :conf:
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    After the no recieved for Corradi... Milan is trying to get Kezman... I LOVE TO SEE THIS NEWS!!! I hope he can join us... :devil2: Kezman is amazing...
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    BEST IDEA: Solari to Milan, Serginho to PSG

    I read it in some news papers... He is the only player of real madrid that I like before morientes... I think he is that player than milan need to be so stronge... and he scores so will be amazing to have him... serginho, is in my hearth as a rossonero... but his time in milan is getting down...
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    Milan new cds...

    Here is the info about it... I wanted to ask to somebody who can buy it for me... I will send you the money for it... I wanted it... if there any person that can do me the favor please send me a PM or a Email... PLEASE!!!! :devil2:
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    NEW SIGNATURE - How look new reinforcements in milan jersey

    How about it guys??? I made it in few minutes, I liked the idea of see theirs in milan jersey(with scudetto) before they get the real one... :devil2:
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    may 18... my operation...

    Tomorrow at 7:30 am(vzla time) I will be operated for different problems in my nose... including some broken nose for football... so I will be unavaliable here in the forum for few days... so please I want to ask to some friends people to send me all info you get from milan to my celphone as...
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    DEPORTIVO TACHIRA(new southamerican milan)

    Was born a new milan in the world and I want to show you why... Deportivo Tachira, a team of venezuela that is making things ever made by a team in venezuela in the Libertadores Cup. I will post things for you guys to know this team... I want that people around the world meet this team...
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    Ledesma get a milan trip chance

    Ledesma will go with us to Hong Kong to be proved... I like his style... :devil2:
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    Pancaro new girlfriend

    She is Miss Italy and is 18 years old... is not too young for pancaro??? See her here: