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    Fantasy Serie A 2013/14

    It's that time of the year again :) This season there are some additions to the game, the main ones are: - there are head-to-head leagues now as well as classic ones - "coins" are an in-game currency, you can choose whether to spend them on transfer wildcards, more budget or whatever - prizes...
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    Top 5 scorers for next season

    So who do you guys think will be the club's top scorers next season? I'll start, and I'll assume Honda arrives because why not. 1. Balotelli 24 2. El Shaarawy 15 3. Pazzini 14 4. Honda 10 5. Niang 10
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    Fantasy Serie A 2012/13

    Hey, is anyone here interested in fantasy football? There's finally a proper online fantasy game for Serie A: Usual stuff applies, you pick your players, create a team, choose a captain who scores double, set a formation, join leagues etc. There are also some new...
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    Official: Zvonimir Boban Thread

    Meh, anything can mean anything. That link also says golden rain means heroin, which makes zero sense :)
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    Official: Zvonimir Boban Thread

    Haha didn't realize that phrase has another meaning, it's golden rain now, thanks for pointing it out :tongue:
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    Official: Zvonimir Boban Thread

    I wrote a piece about Milan's forgotten Balkan heroes, Boban and Savicevic, on my blog, so I thought I'd share it with you guys here since it's more centered around Boban since he's more forgotten than Savicevic. The text is given in full below, however there are several photos and videos in...