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  1. scharatz

    Tony Blair on Comic Relief

    The comedy sketch with Catherine Tate and Tony Blair. For those of you that don't know, Catherine Tate is a comedian with a number of different sketches and this is one of her signature ones: Watch this first Watch that before watching the next one. You won't get it otherwise. It's quite...
  2. scharatz

    Goodbye everybody

    I've gotta go.
  3. scharatz

    Dear Mr. Scharatz

    Yeah baby :jump:
  4. scharatz


    n C:\Windows\system32 Anyone know what this file is? Thanks
  5. scharatz

    So, what's everyone doing for the Christmas Holidays?

  6. scharatz

    Well, after almost 5 years...

    I'm no longer an Administrator of the R&B forums. After some consideration, I realised I no longer have the time or the will to do it and decided to step down. What can I say, it's been fun most of the times and I look forward to catching up with you guys from time to time :) Oh, and Forza...
  7. scharatz

    How's it going?

    Long time no see, what have I missed?
  8. scharatz

    The Enzo

    Click here There's a proper car for you ;)
  9. scharatz

    A scharatz record

    8 hours of the Chili Pepper magic :D All together now: What I've got you've got to give it to your momma... :dance:
  10. scharatz


    Following my discussion with her, Passion will be stepping down from the moderator position with immediate effect. We are thankful for her contribution. In other news, Seamus seems to be back and will take on the role of a moderator.
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    Dear Jasiom

    Look, it's magic :D
  12. scharatz

    Who should be the next England captain then?

    There is no better than John Terry :) What do you think?
  13. scharatz

    How can you support a country that isn't yours?

    I've noticed that a majority of the forum users (passionatly) supported a team/country they weren't from. Some have even made numerous comments such as "we won". How can it be "we" if you live half way accross the world? I was just wondering how you feel about that, and why, because I could...
  14. scharatz

    Die, bitch!,,30000-13530037,00.html
  15. scharatz

    All the matches from now on...

    ...are big enough to have their own thread ;)
  16. scharatz

    Too many JDs

    Not good for you !
  17. scharatz

    Had a ride in this today

    And it made my day :) 1978 Datsun 260z 2+2
  18. scharatz

    Does it get any better than this?

    7/6 Hammersmith Apollo - Guns N' Roses 9/6 St Mary’s Stadium - Bon Jovi 10/6 Donington - Metallica 11/6 Donington - Guns N' Roses What a weekend :jump::dance::devilfir::beer:
  19. scharatz


    Am I the only one who is actually bored of the WC already? Maybe it'll change once the good games start in the later stages.
  20. scharatz


    The English 'ooligans are at it again it seems, eh! :D,,30000-1224662,00.html