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    Can anybody here translate a phrase for me? If so, PM me @ thanks guys! :D
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    The Bet

    Wild and San Paolo had a bet....... Let's settle it once and for all! Questions to be answered: Was there a bet previously? If so, what was it, and who won? AND Is there a current bet? If so, what is it? Before you both start posting lots of stuff, you both need to establish who the...
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    Transfer trends

    i wanted to put this thread together to discuss in some orderly manner what our transfer policy is/has been....... to come to some conclusion on it.. since we mention that 'milan always does this' or 'that'....... i want to figure it out. maybe it would be too depressing... i guess the best...
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    Super Bowl XLI

    Bears or Colts? Da BEARS! Lovie is no Ditka, but it is still Da Bears! Bears 753 Colts -17
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    Best late-bloomers

    Re_milan made me think about something.... Who are the best late-bloomers right now in the world? I wanted to put this in the transfers section... but before we can talk about what late-bloomers are good prospects for us.... who are the late-bloomers? Oddo for one? We give a lot of credit...
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    Which Juve player would you want?

    So, Juve is in B. They will lose players. Who, if anyone would you want to pick up? For me, Camoranesi and/or Buffon. Sorry BMW. I just think he is heaps better than Dida.;) I also think Camoranesi would make for a good replacement for Seedorf. It is crazy to see how many talented...
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    ho fatto il mio dottorato di ricerca! I am now Dr. Semprerossonero...... :D
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    When I come back

    The World Cup will be nearly over and I will be a Dr. :D A dopo, SRN
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    Wingers “Shevchenko will be replaced by someone worthy of him, but we won’t sign a big star unless he’s useful to the side. Didier Drogba and Ruud Van Nistelrooy are centre-forwards, so they wouldn’t substitute Shevchenko in the system. I say no to...
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    Four S&M stars make full return to training

    Four Serbia and Montenegro stars... I dont know what anyone else was thinking, but that was the headline on :eek::D BTW... next World Cup, they will be 2 different teams! You ex-Yugo people, how do you feel about that? Croatia, S&M, BiH, Slovenia and Macedonia... once one...
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    Worst Transfer Prospects

    There is already a list of prospects (though not complete.. maybe because of the limit) with a poll of people we would like to see... but what about people we would never want to see that have been mentioned as possible transfers? Some of the names here are here just because some people dont...
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    World Cup Predictions

    Are we going to open up something for all of us to formally make our World Cup predictions? Game by game, etc etc?
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    Where will everyone watch the first game?

    I guess it depends what time of the day it is in the different parts of the world! The bars won't be open yet here, so I will be watching it with friends... we have go out and buy a lot of booze first, though, so we can really enjoy watchin Costa Rica win! :D
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    Which defender should we pick up in January?

    With all of these threads open talking about these guys, who would you prefer? I think I managed to get them all in here.
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    biglietti x milan-juve

    vivo a roma e volevo comprare biglietti per la partita di milan-juve... c'e' qualcuno che mi puo' aiutare? ho un "amico" juventino (com'e' possibile aver un amico che tifa juve :head: e quindi volevo sapere se ci sono posti nello stadio dov'e' sicuro per lui...
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    Milan - Chicago Fire

    Wow, talk about luck, I'm going back to Chicago from Rome for a month and the day I get back Milan and Chicago play! Got my tickets already- row 1, section 106. Anyone else going to be there? Too bad one of my friends plays for Chicago and I'll be joining the Milan chorus!
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    Games in Roma

    Ciao tutti I'm living in Rome now and I don't have Sky and the neighborhood pubs aren't safe for Milan fans... Is there a place here where Milan fans go to watch the games? Thanks.
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    Has anybody ordered anything from MilanStore? Everytime I try to order something to the United States I have a €75 charge for shipping. I won't be back to Italy until September and I think the champion t-shirt will be gone then. Any ideas? Usually when I ship things to America it only costs...
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    Milan Nokia ringtones

    anyone know how to download the milan ringtones on a nokia in usa? i am having trouble with this. :devil2:
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    Who do we have on loan?

    What players do Milan have on loan, and where? Is Dmitri Sychev under contract at Milan and on loan to stay at Spartak Moscow? Even though our attack is strong, he would be an asset to us, especially as some get older.