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  1. theduck7

    Cesc Fabregas

    This thread had to happen eventually........... Milan is the hit of Fabregas But also like Pastore Galliani Raiola to reach London. AC Milan will offer € 35 million, including compensating techniques. Arsenal but he wants 45. Not confirmed the rumors Hernanes Hamsik, feasible instead Asamoah...
  2. theduck7

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    People brace yourselves it's about to happen B says he wants him, Abate says he wants him it's more or less a done deal and for over £100 million-that's peanuts for us hahahahahaha. Sorry had to set this up for a bit of banter more than anything
  3. theduck7

    Taye Taiwo Thread

    With the latest declarations that Milan are his first option, I think it's about time we had a seperate thread for him
  4. theduck7

    Mamadou Sakho

    Not sure if there is already a Sakho thread and I've missed it but since there's apparently an offer been put in for him I thought I'd start another one
  5. theduck7

    Is Allegri the man for the job?

    After a couple of big game failures at the hands of Real Madrid and Juventus, the inevitable questions crop up, Is Allegri the man for the job? Is he handling all the big ego's sufficiently? Are his tactics up to par? Is he able to turn a match? Has he got the personality and backbone? Does he...
  6. theduck7

    Nicolas Otamendi

    Now that there appears to be official interest I thought I would start a thread, apologies if there is already one I've missed
  7. theduck7


    Again this one looks concrete so added a thread
  8. theduck7

    Pedro Leon

    Looks like an official offer has been submitted and a response is expected in the next few days. I'm excited but no doubt I will be left dissapointed, the goals he has scored in La Liga have been impressive, can any spanish experts tell us more about him? Will he play on the right wing or...
  9. theduck7

    Diego Alves

    Feck all the other rumours we need to start with a top notch GK and this guy is it: